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Drug combination increases risk of heart attack

...but with worrisome conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. "They actually were harmed," said Dr. Eric Topol. "This was a trial to determine the boundaries of benefit, and it did. You don't use this drug for patients without...
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Grab the future before it passes you by -- opportunities are there

...Energy, Opportunity and the Battle for America's Future, by Michael Levi; and the provocatively titled book by Eric Topol, The Creative Destruction of Medicine.? An organization to join. The World Future Society ( is a must...
Study: Angioplasty stents save lives

...last year showed they could increase the likelihood of a heart attack in the month following insertion. In fact, Dr. Eric Topol, leader of the latest study, published in this week's edition of The Lancet medical journal, had been a critic of...
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Aggressive cholesterol lowering improves heart attack survival

...need some improvement. Now we are getting the science, and that's really exciting." In a journal editorial, Dr. Eric Topol of the Cleveland Clinic called the latest finding "a major surprise," in part because the superiority of the stronger...
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Doctors say pitcher's fatal problem is common, preventable

...proportion of patients with heart disease never have a clue, and he might have been one of them," said cardiologist Dr. Eric Topol, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. Kile's narrowed heart arteries, probably caused by...
Report: Drugs besides Vioxx may up heart risks

...patients and doctors to reflect the new safety concerns. In a separate report also released by the medical journal, Dr. Eric Topol of the Cleveland Clinic chastises the FDA for not requiring Merck to do studies investigating heart problems with Vioxx...
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Inflammation worse for the heart than cholesterol

...above average CRP. The new thinking about inflammation "will change everything we do in heart disease," predicts Dr. Eric Topol, cardiology chief at the Cleveland Clinic. "In the last decade, people talked about their cholesterol levels...
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Super-aspirin is super-flop

...was the same. Super-aspirin not only fails to prevent heart attacks; it actually kills people. Enough, says Dr. Eric Topol, cardiology chief at the Cleveland Clinic. He figures that in those five studies -- two of which he directed -- between...
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