SC bill proposes medical use of marijuana oils to aid epilepsy patients

...C. - People suffering from severe epilepsy could legally use oil derived from marijuana...clinical trial for treating severe forms of epilepsy. It also aims to protect doctors from...people suffering with extreme forms of epilepsy."It's important to draw a distinction...

SC House allows CBD oil for epilepsy treatments

...allowing people suffering from severe epilepsy to legally use oil derived from marijuana...by a doctor as suffering from severe epilepsy, or their parents, to legally possess...in rare and severe childhood forms of epilepsy. The designation provides incentives...

Advances made against epilepsy

...feeling," a warning some people with epilepsy have that a seizure is imminent -- one...helpless," says Jeanne Carpenter of the Epilepsy Foundation, a Washington lawyer who controls her epilepsy by taking medication three times a day...

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Message combats stigma of epilepsy

...terrible prejudice and ignorance about his epilepsy to enter Congress and fight for the disabled...mentor with the Helping Other People with Epilepsy or H.O.P.E mentoring program...is the key, Mrs. Howell said. But epilepsy, which affects 2.3 million Americans...

Epilepsy patients share success stories

...woman who's credited for a reunion of epilepsy patients at Medical College of Georgia...nurse practitioner who worked in the Epilepsy Unit. She died two years ago but is...members who gathered for the 16th annual Epilepsy Surgery Reunion. The patients share...

A new approach to epilepsy

...mother, Linda. Her son's battle with epilepsy led Linda to buck the government, gambling...she'll become the first mother of a child with epilepsy to chair the 33-year-old national Epilepsy Foundation in Washington, D.C. Sick of...

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Epilepsy can be truly debilitating

...and information given to the disease of epilepsy in the Sept. 3 Chronicle. The support...some of the more fortunate people with epilepsy is that many of those suffering from...life that we are battling to regain. Epilepsy is not always controlled by a single...

Deal to sign medical marijuana legislation into law

...5-year-old Haleigh Cox, who has intractable epilepsy and is one of the 500,000 Georgians...allowing medical marijuana use only for epilepsy and have varying limits on THC."We...has Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.She is in public school in a special...

Gov. Deal signs executive order requiring state agency readiness for medical marijuana law

...siblings.Janea Cox's daughter, Haleigh, 5, has intractable epilepsy. Mother and daughter have been living for months in Colorado...medical marijuana laws, including 12 where only treatment of epilepsy is allowed."While we want to treat suffering patients and...

Ga. Senate OKs compromise bill on medical marijuana

...levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient. An additional 12 states allow medical marijuana only for epilepsy and limit THC.The bill passed by the Senate allows a limit of 5 percent THC for treatment of seizure disorders, sickle cell...