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Study: Chocolate lovers may live longer

...raising a hypothesis that, if true, would bring cheer to those who like chocolate," said Dr. I-Min Lee, an epidemiology professor at Harvard who led the research. The study, in which men were questioned in 1988 about their candy habits over...
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Study - Cancer rate near SRS not any higher Atlanta. Overall, "the incidence rates found in the region were expected," said Daniel Lackland, an epidemiology professor at MUSC. "What we can say is the rates are not high." Poverty, lack of access to health care, lack of public...
Working poor more likely to be overweight

...with home-cooked meals, fresh fruits and vegetables," said Adam Drewnowski, a University of Washington epidemiology professor who has studied the problem. The problem is pronounced in what seems an unlikely place - California's Central...
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Diabetes rate high in Catawba tribe

...related to the fairly low socioeconomic status of the community in general," said Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, an epidemiology professor who led the study. Little physical activity and diets high in fat and calories can contribute to diabetes...
Heart disease death toll high

...deaths per 100,000 residents. "Heart disease is the No. 1 killer for everybody," said Dan Lackland, a epidemiology professor at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. "But people are having strokes and heart attacks...
SRS safety confirmed

...Last week's report confirmed preliminary findings released last spring. At that time, Daniel Lackland, epidemiology professor at MUSC, commented, "We kind of thought we'd find excesses, but as we got into it we didn't." The rates...
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