A new day on an even Keel

...Augusta to revitalize its downtown, while adding intellectual vibrancy, youth and green space.Other cities would be green with envy at the opportunities coming our way. And other institutions of higher learning, just in this state alone, would be jealous...

Cowboy Envy ropes rodeo gig

Cowboy Envy, the harmonizing Western music trio from Atlanta, is fast becoming the envy of other Georgia musical groups with performances...vocalist Berne' Poliakoff, also known to Cowboy Envy fans as "Frenchy." Rounding out the trio are...

At the Movies: 'Envy'

"Envy" sets out to test the comedic limits of flan...joke about flan?" Sitting down to watch "Envy" is like sitting down for a meal made of...talented individuals failed to connect. "Envy" crawls to its finish through a minefield...

It's about envy

...Bush-era tax cuts on dividends and capital gains. Don't let them expire.For President Obama, it's about envy. Class envy. Wealth envy. Just about anything but fiscal sanity.Forty-seven House Democrats finally get it. They signed a letter...

Envy Sharna Jezmine

Augusta, GA - Quintana McCladdie and Lydell D. Autry of Augusta are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Envy Sharna Jezmine Autry born May 30, 2008 at University Hospital in Augusta.

Tax cut for wealthy typical Democrat envy

Brian Gridley's Jan. 16 letter, "Do we need a tax cut for the wealthy?", is typical Democrat envy-generating garbage. It's become their mantra every time a tax cut is proposed, unless the Democrats propose a "targeted...

Patience is religious, worldly necessity

...dead end, he used violence and killed his brother, Abel.Abel decided to go the peaceful, secured way of facing hatred and envy with the right and positive attitude.Both have created a model for humans. Unfortunately, the world today lives in a violent...

Report: Cardinals alleged to have hacked Astros' player database

...downplayed wider security concerns about MLB's digital systems."We have a technology company that quite literally is the envy of companies throughout America <0x2014> not just sports enterprises," the commissioner said. "We routinely make...

Buffett wants tax credit expanded, but a return to values is what's needed

...workers, without any skills, who will advance to higher-income jobs in due time.This, along with getting the ugly emotion of envy under better control, moves us a long way toward answering Buffett's concern that too many are not able to enjoy a "decent...

Uh-oh, it's that time again: Uncontrolled envy is a dangerous emotion

...considered is undesirable by those overwhelmed with envy.Fairness, however defined, is the principal...inextricably linked to the troubling emotion of envy. Our ability to tame personal envy will go a long way towards reducing our needless...