Public input sought on Allendale landfill

...mid-1960s until 1979, it was the site of commercial pesticide formulation operations, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The Fairfax, S.C., site spans about 14 acres, including a 4-acre portion that had been used as...

Obama administration drives ahead with new cleaner gas rule

...little cost to consumers.Public health groups and automakers cheered the new rules, finalized Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency, with some insisting they could prove to be President Obama's signature environmental accomplishment in...

Blocking our sun

...requests from the NSA and the CIA, but the report showed that even agencies such as the National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency and the Farm Service Agency cited the exception.Matters of national security? At the Farm Service Agency...

Letter: Vote liberals out of office

...the hearts of many by unleashing the power of the Internal Revenue Service, National Security Agency and Environmental Protection Agency upon us. He wants all Americans to be dependent on government instead of government being dependent on the...

Seek energy independence

...being targeted by the president and through the incredible regulations being heaped on the industry by the Environmental Protection Agency. Thousands of jobs are being lost. Another of those greenhouse gas issues? We are not too far away from...

Obama's term a disaster

...anti-small-business policies of the Obama regime, such as higher taxes; increases in the minimum wage; tighter Environmental Protection Agency regulations; Obamacare; and a de facto open-borders bill being pushed in the Senate. Small business...

GOP Senate candidates meet for first debate

...replace the Affordable Care Act. He also called for eliminating the U.S. Depart ment of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, drawing applause."Spending too much, borrowing too much, regulating too much, sticking its ugly nose...

Agency targets water, poultry

ATHENS, Ga. - New regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency aimed at reducing water pollution from...into groundwater, he said. The federal Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 300 Georgia poultry producers...

Monsanto's genetically designed corn receives EPA approval

WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency gave approval to Monsanto Co. to market...zone as an extra precaution. On the Net: Environmental Protection Agency: http://www.epa.gov Monsanto: http...

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Wastewater program under investigation

...program is under investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over new allegations that sewage sludge used...claims its sludge program adheres to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules that allow land application of sludge...

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