Garden City Jazz soirees help to fill a musical void

...Tim Sanders + UNITY on June 27.During Masters Week in 2015, Garden City Jazz is slated to even provide a jazz club environment at the school."We're still figuring out what that looks like, but we've gotten a tremendous response from local musicians...

Roberson to write of recovery, donate proceeds to Paine students

...and you need to know how the brain works so you can share this information with teachers so they can make the learning environment more effective."Roberson said he believes there was purpose behind his illness, and that it gave him a unique perspective...

Video game enthusiasts come together to play, form friendships at Level Up Game Center

...week."For video game enthusiasts like Tyler, spending all night in a place like Level Up is attractive because of the environment."Here it's easier to talk to people because you know you have something in common right off the bat: the video games...

McDuffie County school system closes after influenza outbreak

...decided it was best to close our schools down."Rhodes said she hoped removing her faculty, staff and students from the environment would stop the illness's progression in the county."By stopping getting large groups of people together and in closed...

Body cameras not a 'cure-all' for law enforcement, officials say

...Richmond County School Safety and Security Chief Alfonzo Williams said the limited view provides little insight on the environment in which an incident takes place. "It doesn't take into account the knowledge skills and abilities of the perpetrator...

Local school districts still weighing flexibility options

...waivers to cater to each school's needs ? some use class size waivers to introduce high school students to a college environment, so an Advanced Placement psychology class could have a 70-student lecture one day and small discussion sections the next...

Richmond County Board of Education discusses potential of incentive-based disciplinary system

...proactive. It uses information collected by schools to create consistent practices of reward and punishment to improve school environments," she said. "It's not meant to replace our current codes of conduct, just to teach our students about proper behavior...

New Richmond County Schools deputy superintendent Kenneth Bradshaw brings varied skillset to position

...that are not only efficient and goal oriented, but that also understand the importance of establishing capable classroom environments. Bradshaw fits that completely."Along with Bradshaw's military experience, Pringle said his record of improving schools...

Insurance companies warn holiday theft, fire can lead to costly claims

...Kimbrough said. "But as we experience increasingly colder temperatures, our seasonal preparations take on added significance because of the potential hazards that accompany transitioning our property from summer and fall environments."

Bob Jones University admits sex abuse mishandling

...complaints is being released Thursday. The university hired a group called the Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, to investigate. Pettis said Wednesday in advance of the report's release that the investigation found staff members...