Growing web of pipelines spawns resistance

...Pipeline that would deliver natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina, traveling through some stretches of fragile environments over its 564-mile route.The Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance is a coalition of more than three dozen organizations in...

Millipedes seek cool, moist environments

...primarily as adults and lay their eggs in the soil in the spring. Millipedes are naturally attracted to dark, cool, moist environments that are rich in organic matter such as compost piles, heavily mulched shrub or flower beds, rotting logs, the soil under...

Ga. solar farm raising environment concern

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- A solar farm in northern Glynn County will produce 17.6 megawatts of "green" power early next year, but ironically environmental activists are complaining.

Pavey: Ducks stamps still well worth cost

...habitats that in turn help promote clean water and a healthy environment.Wildlife refuges are also tourist attractions in many...and small, enrich our lives and serve special roles in the environment. The deadline for schools to submit state-level entries...

Schools look at geography lessons as skills lag

...comprehend large distances and different regions around the world," Jacobs said. "By integrating geography into the classroom environment, it gives students the ability to really digest and understand the subject as they grow older and move from grade to grade...

Savannah River Site board favors service projects over fines

...environmental protection, restoration, compliance and assessments and audits. "The project should benefit the community or environment near the impacted site while providing educational opportunities with contractors and public institutions of higher education...

Morris: I won't apologize for voicing objections

...relations division to push its interests. But no marketing campaign can spin away the threats this project poses, both to the environment and private property rights, and I intend to make sure they are disclosed. This pipeline will cross a water supply used...

FanDuel, DraftKings embrace 'gambling' label overseas

...more critical to his company's outlook."In the U.K., we have an opportunity to work in a perfectly clear regulatory environment where we understand what the rules are, the tax rates are and the sustainability of the business will be," he said...

Michaux: Feherty will be stage, not at course during 2016 Masters

...well. But it's a wonderful opportunity for me and chance to go in a slightly different direction and work in a different environment. I've done something different every 20 years or so of my life it seems. Hopefully this next 20, if I survive them...

Big Texas welcome for Google self-driving cars

...early-adopters in the public to get the technology, the company expanded testing to Austin to challenge the cars in a new environment where drivers and pedestrians are unaccustomed to seeing them."Austin has always been enthusiastic about innovation...