Closed-door personnel matters dominate commission meeting

...human resources director Tanika Bryant had called commissioners "idiots" behind their backs and had created a hostile work environment through fear and intimidation."At this point, it's a personnel matter and I can't discuss it, but we take these...

Weigh 'Deflategate' theory

...reduce the pressure. Most were on the home-field side. This would hold true unless the balls were inflated from a tank of compressed air. Then all balls would have lost pressure when introduced to a colder environment.Tom ZwemerEvans

Richmond County school board looks at job programs

...have the basic work etiquette required to function in that environment," Hannah said. "In 2012, 53 percent of tradesmen in...into a career."Hannah wants more of a "work simulation" environment for those in technical education and a proper balance between...

Richmond County chemical releases rose slightly in 2013

...any pollution prevention and management.The reports identify chemicals that are potentially toxic to human health and the environment, and they can be used to track trends in releases or waste management, according to the EPA. All the releases are authorized...

Native leads tours in Hawaii

...media strings ? but his belief in one's respect for the environment in general; a major component and theme that he stresses...Costa says. "But what we have to understand is that the environment is a part of our lives and we have to respect that."Respect...

Local groups help runners become half marathon-ready

...sessions take place on the course itself to allow runners participating in the half marathon or 10K to become acclimated to the environment.Though many join the group for new training techniques from coaches and more experienced runners, Jacobs said novices...

Former inmate making most of second chance

...They've learned not only hard skills but also soft skills, such as how to dress and how to behave in a professional environment."Last April, Deal signed the third leg of his criminal justice reform legislation, which required the Georgia De part...

Ashley Wagner wins short program at U.S. Figure Skating Championships

...that meant simply doing the jumps on a different part of the ice than usual. They also sought to simulate the competition environment, doing a warmup then sitting around before running through the program.It worked Thursday. Scimeca and Knierim were a...

Box shares soar in market debut

...been steadily rising as more people rely on smartphones and tablets for their computing needs."The leaders in this new environment are being created right now, and there are a lot of investors that recognize that," Levie, 30, said in a Friday interview...

The Artside: Sloat exhibit mirrors color and light

...Whole, in the Mary S. Byrd Gallery in the Summerville campus of Georgia Regents University.Described as an immersive environment and a study in color and light, the installation is composed of and created within wrap-around Chinese wallpaper representing...