Comcast opens retail office in Augusta Exchange

In a departure from the "cable office" environment, Comcast opened a store in Augusta Exchange on Wednesday...change equipment. "The idea here is for us to have a great environment and not be what we call the cable front counter," said...

Los Angeles sues Wells Fargo, alleging fraud by employees

...Wells Fargo's culture is focused on the best interests of its customers and creating a supportive, caring and ethical environment for our team members," the San Francisco-based bank said in a statement.But the city's investigation found only token...

Freddie Mac posts $524M profit in 1Q; paying $746M dividend

...from last year carried into the first quarter, enabling us to again produce earnings despite a continued declining rate environment, so we can return further dividends to taxpayers," Freddie CEO Donald Layton said in a statement.Results of annual financial...

Electronics change atmosphere in baseball clubhouses

...Latin American countries and a smattering from Japan and Korea. Teams that get along, then, are usually those with an environment of dignity, maturity and respect. It's not necessarily accurate to view hand-held devices as the hurdle. No matter...

Please, no Hillary in 2016

...there. Not only is she a known liar, but he disgraced the White House and the presidency, and he lied to the American people as well as a grand jury.What kind of fool wants that environment in the White House? Lock up the interns.

Another Augusta restaurant seeks later hours through alcohol ordinance change

...operations manager for Slicerz. "We want to stay open for our late-night restaurant business, to provide a safe, fun environment for people to come to unwind."Pennington said that the restriction hurts Slicerz' weekly bottom line in the "thousands...

Route unclear as May 19 deadline nears for DOT to decide whether to grant OK for Palmetto Pipeline

...demonstrating any true need exists in the region for the product. "Additionally, I think they have to show sound protection of the environment will be secured and landowners will be fairly compensated for any property allocated to the project." McIntosh and Glynn...

Guard hurt in FedEx shooting sues company

...events that occurred in Marietta a year ago were traumatic for many people but were not caused by FedEx," Colosimo said in an e-mailed statement. "Our top priority continues to be providing a safe and secure work environment."

Session yielded both victories and challenges

...pocketbook is well-managed, it sends a signal that your state is conservative enough to be predictable, and it creates a good environment for job creation and more responsible living. OF THE MANY issues dealt with this past session, one of the most far-reaching...

Descent into violence will not solve deeper problems

...yet has increasingly embraced it to the detriment of personal responsibility. One's environment does not cause this dilemma. We construct our environment. Our surroundings are a product of our actions, attitudes, morals and teachings...