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Kerkorian attorney indicted in Hollywood wiretapping scandal

...named in the main indictment. Christensen also represented Kerkorian in a 2002 lawsuit filed against him by entertainment producer Steve Bing alleging invasion of privacy and trespassing. The lawsuit, which was amicably resolved, sought...
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Across Georgia

...breaks for filmmakers ATLANTA - The House voted Thursday to roll out the red carpet for filmmakers and other entertainment producers, approving a measure that would give larger tax breaks to companies who choose to make their products in the...
Week in video-game news: Nintendo gobbles up holiday bucks; game industry booming

...grew by 552 percent in 2006 -- odd, since the only major game developer I can think of in Virginia is Mythic Entertainment, producer of Dark Age of Camelot . COMEDY GOLD: There's money to be made in games, and there are hundreds of TV and...
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Should Couric and Lauer be working an entertainment event?

...production control room there's a monitor or two tuned in to the competition. That wasn't the case with the NBC entertainment producers, a spokeswoman said. If there were monitors, someone would certainly have noticed CBS' Hannah Storm and Dave...
Who's the first Bozo? Clown Hall of Fame to honor the original jester

...hall was duped to believe Harmon created Bozo and didn't find out the truth until columnist and entertainment producer Buck Wolf reported Harmon was wrongly laying claim to the character. "It was something that was hinted at and...
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Army seeks recruits through soldier video games

...movies like "Top Gun" and "Black Hawk Down" can help attract recruits, the military often cooperates with entertainment producers on projects the Pentagon believes present the organizations fairly. But it's rare for the military to initiate...
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Taco Bell's Chihuahua kept on short leash

...dominated by movie-related characters. "What they've got is a property not unlike what Disney or another entertainment producer might have," said Marty Brochstein, executive editor of Licensing Letter, a New York-based trade publication...