The Artside: Start June with celebration of arts

...fine arts/cultural community who sometimes without many resources and often without much acclaim, bring great creative energy to enhance our lives."I'll wrap it up on the same note, with a salute to the artists we treasure, the arts professionals...

Cheaper oil not aiding US economy

...2015 ? thanks in part to sharp cuts in energy drilling. And despite their savings...out that the economic effects of lower energy prices have evolved since the Great Recession...economic growth. So when oil prices fall and energy companies retrench, the economy suffers...

Robert Rutland

...highlight of his career, he was honored as a recipient of the top SC Energy Achievement Award on September 14, 1987, and was a winner of the DOE 1987 National Awards Program for Energy Innovations for his contribution to asphalt recycling. He enjoyed...

Rants & Raves

...Christmas gift a year and a half ago that was never delivered. I tried to get them to do something about it until I put out more energy and money than the package was worth. Two weeks ago my friend called and said she had received a Christmas gift. I don't...

Rants & Raves

...It's time that those "gentlemen" retire from being agitators at sensitive situations. If they could only channel their energies for the good of the country at large! 'DIVERSITY' IS A CODE word for fewer white people, and anti-racist is a code word...

U.S. Energy Department yet to release environmental document on potential German waste shipments to SRS

...shipments, the U.S. Department of Energy says a required report on environmental...liquid radioactive uranium from Atomic Energy Canada Limited's Chalk River Laboratory...technology to dispose of the spent fuel. The Energy Department has not decided whether it...

Can Iran be trusted?

...aspects many times before. Sanctions relief should be phased in on the condition that it complies fully with International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.President Reagan used to say "trust but verify," which meant we didn't need to trust our Cold War enemies...

Protester gets off Shell ship with Coast Guard's help

...is committed to reducing carbon emissions. But he says consumers will still need fossil fuels during a transition to other energy sources, and he would rather rely on oil and gas extracted in the U.S. under federal regulations than from foreign sources...

As US oil production soars, so do pipeline accidents

...pipelines."They're typically treated as perpetual pieces of infrastructure, like a bridge," said Anthony Swift, an energy analyst with the NRDC. "But it's not the same. You can fix a road or a bridge. A pipeline is much harder."

Warriors a win away from reaching the NBA Finals

...looked listless and overmatched."We've got to stay positive," Houston center Dwight Howard said. "It's that negative energy that can go from one person to the next, and we just seemed to fold. We don't want to be the team that folded under pressure...