Dooley would tarnish legacy if he moves on

Just when you thought it was safe to focus energies on the most important part of Georgia athletics - football - another weed sprouted in the carefully tended legacy garden of Vince...

Scott Michaux
Team must guard against the slide

MIAMI -- For 33 years, the Atlanta Falcons' management has focused its energies on fielding a competitive team. Suddenly, the franchise is faced with the equally daunting task of staying among the NFL's...

We must regain spiritual center

Since we are living in one of the most perilous times in history, and energies are so dangerously low, I feel compelled to put out a plea for more spiritual transcendence than we ever seem to get. I know...

Official leaves House

ATLANTA - Augusta-area state Rep. Alberta Anderson is resigning from the General Assembly this week to devote her full energies to a new job. Ms. Anderson, D-Waynesboro, will begin work Friday as a career adviser for adults at the Richmond/Burke...

Vocational education needs our attention

PUBLIC SCHOOLS across America have opened their doors for another school year, and once again will spend their energies and resources teaching our children how to gain admission to a four-year college or university. Although this may work beautifully...

Opinion columns
Group goes school by school to push same-sex benefits

ATHENS, Ga. - The Domestic Partnership Coalition of the University System of Georgia will focus its energies on individual campuses as it anticipates a long battle to persuade the University System of Georgia Board of Regents to formally...

Murphy helps the elderly

...Sometimes I wonder, what's going on in the world? Augusta has an able state representative in Quincy Murphy. He has lent his energies to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for Georgia's senior citizens. Those of us who have lived and contributed...

First Baptist grew out of 'praying society'

...birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845, stands as a consistent testimony in a denomination that focuses much of its energies on home missions and world evangelization.First Baptist Church grew out of Kiokee Baptist Church in Appling, the oldest...

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Some suggestions for Martha Burk

...Women's Organizations Martha Burk. Instead of trying to boycott the Masters golf tournament, why not consider expending her energies on: Striving for more pay for nurses and teachers. Striving for equal pay in the work force. Helping reduce domestic violence...

Braves fall to Mets

...played baseball Friday night, but this was notabout a game. This was, as it has been for 10 days now, about thecollective energies and unflappable nature of the world's most diversecity. A crowd of 41,235 assembled at Shea Stadium as much to pay homageto...