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Laid-back Armstrong ready for new challenges

...finish, but I can always crawl," he said. "If I start smart and conservatively, I'll be OK from a fuel and energy standpoint. From a pain standpoint, I can deal with it." His goal Sunday will be breaking 3 hours, far behind the elite...
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Jordan wants Bulls run out of town

...but I've been disappointed before. It would be terribly disappointing if Chicago comes and outplays us from an energy standpoint." The Wizards are certainly testing Jordan to the max, proving his assertion they are underachievers. If Mitch...
Duke still tops in the ACC

...and believes that experience will pay dividends in 1999-2000. "They maximized what they had from a talent and energy standpoint," Gillen said. "I believe it will be a lot different this year. I like expectations. I'd rather have high...
Moore goes out in typical high-energy style

...remained a constant. "Ricky was just absolutely terrific," said UConn coach Jim Calhoun. "I thought from an energy standpoint and a guts standpoint he was the best player on the floor." Surrounded by his family before the game, Moore accepted...
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