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Clinton double-cross

...An independent security chief was important, because the massive lab leaks had been going on for years, and Energy secretaries hadn't even been aware of them,much less able to stop them. In fact, Clinton's first DOE secretary, Hazel...
Clinton may veto bill limiting tritium to SRS

...action. "This administration has not worked with Congress, will not work with Congress and has gagged its (energy) secretaries," said Mr. Craig. Mr. Clinton has vowed to oppose any interim nuclear waste storage site until after scientific...
Richardson's threat

...supporters of the type of independent agency Richardson's fighting. Clearly, he resents his loss of power. But if energy secretaries were good at protecting weapons secrets from the Communists, there'd be no need for a new agency. The physical...
New agency to oversee weapons programs

...semiautonomous nuclear agency in testimony last month on Capitol Hill. He said it would diminish the authority of future energy secretaries and create a "new fiefdom in a department of fiefdoms." While Richardson has indicated a willingness to accept...
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