Tentative school budget reduces furlough days, allows for hiring of 32 teachers

...hiring as many substitute teachers, the school system saved $400,000 last year. The school system also cut back on energy costs and gained more funding through property tax revenues.While cuts and revenue increases are the rule in the 2014-2015...

Obama administration drives ahead with new cleaner gas rule

...This winter's cold snap underscores just how vulnerable American families and businesses are to any increases in energy costs, and yet the administration is moving forward to raise prices at the pump."Pushing back on those charges, McCarthy...

US-China business links too profitable to be broken by hacking controversy

...worse, said Raymond Cheng, CEO of the Sozo Group, a Hong Kong firm that helps Chinese companies invest in America. "Energy costs are rapidly rising and are cheaper in the U.S.... Everybody realizes that manufacturing needs to be closer to...

Energy costs trickle through global economy

...the economic recovery. But if energy costs stay high, consumers might have...meantime, the evidence of high energy costs trickling through the economy only...producer prices to increase if energy costs remain high, causing the most...

Energy costs start to gnaw at homeowner budgets

...Binczewski, of Carlson GMAC Real Estate in Palmer, Mass. "Energy costs are becoming a larger part of expenses so people may...with $1,190 ten years ago. Not all of the higher energy costs are tied to heating a home. Some are due to the proliferation...

Energy costs drive up prices

...Wednesday, when a survey of industry executives showed that energy costs drove prices higher in September while the services...prices after Hurricane Katrina and about the toll rising energy costs will take on the economy. "That is the $64,000...

High energy costs lift consumer prices

WASHINGTON --Consumer prices rose by a modest 0.3 percent in February as high energy costs continued to hit the pocketbooks of drivers filling up at the pump and people heating their homes. The increase in the Consumer...

Higher energy costs lift consumer prices by 0.5 percent

...and fuel-oil costs rose 7.2 percent. Cold weather, strong global demand and tight supplies are factors in rising energy costs, economists said. Prices for college tuition and fees rose by 1 percent in January, a sore spot for consumers' pocketbooks...

Managing home energy costs

When it comes to managing home energy costs, your best defense is a strong offense. Taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home will not only save you money...

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Furlough days trim school energy costs

...lights down or shut things off it's going to affect (energy costs)," said Joe Moore, the energy manager for Richmond...board that showed the system is saving thousands in energy costs.The average savings for a full furlough day in Richmond...

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