The Big Impact of Your Little Financial Choices

...insurance, rent, mortgage payments, property taxes, energy bills, and maintenance costs all at once. Renegotiate your...for gas quite as often or that your grocery bills and energy bills are smaller. You might find that there are a few more...

25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

...up a surprising amount of your energy bill ? as much as 30%, depending on...can trim 10% off of your monthly energy bill permanently. That's pretty...again for many years and your home energy bill will drop a noticeable amount...

Thirteen Strategies for Financial Independence Through Self-Sufficiency

...would completely eliminate your energy bill. Beyond that, many energy companies...you're eliminating a $100 monthly energy bill this way (close to the national...after that, you don't have an energy bill and receive $135 a month from...

Our path to living off our investments

...easily move into a smaller home. That move would save us money on insurance, property taxes, home maintenance, and energy bills.Cut out cable. We still have a cable television service, something that I basically don't use. Sarah watches...

How to Use the "Snowflake" Strategy for Debt Repayment

...incandescent with an LED, your energy bill should see a little dip. You can...difference between your most recent energy bill and the one from the year before...sealing your home can reduce your energy bill by 20% or more. It's a simple...

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Show Graham the door

...program. Graham sides with liberals on amnesty for illegal aliens, and cap-and-trade legislation to increase our energy bills.Graham supports the National Security Agency spying on American citizens, and restrictions on our First Amendment...

House passes energy and water spending bill with MOX funding

...night. The measure funds construction of the MOX plant in fiscal year 2015 at a cost of $345 million.A water and energy bill still needs consideration by the Senate where a dispute over amendments has stalled appropriation bills.The MOX plant...

Ga. debates permitting solar panel leasing

...buy their own solar equipment.The Johns Creek Republican says the increased competition could lead to lower consumer energy bills. His proposal also would allow third-party companies to sell solar electricity directly to customers."You can use...

Seven Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low

...Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low During the winter, we use...make a huge difference when the energy bill comes. Now that we're heading...seven things we do to keep our energy bills in check during the warmer months...