Our path to living off our investments

...easily move into a smaller home. That move would save us money on insurance, property taxes, home maintenance, and energy bills.Cut out cable. We still have a cable television service, something that I basically don't use. Sarah watches...

Thirteen Strategies for Financial Independence Through Self-Sufficiency

...today means you'll spend less on automobiles tomorrow. Installing solar panels today means you'll spend less on energy bills tomorrow. Make that question a constant element of your life. Over time, you'll migrate to more self-sustaining...

Seven Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low

...a week. Seven Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low During the winter, we use a number of tactics for...of summer. Here are seven things we do to keep our energy bills in check during the warmer months of the year.We use...

Penny-pinching can reduce energy bills

...utility bills. People seem to accept rising home-energy bills, but they get upset when they pay even a penny or two...You can do no- or low-cost things to lower your energy bills while making your home more comfortable and helping...

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Show Graham the door

...program. Graham sides with liberals on amnesty for illegal aliens, and cap-and-trade legislation to increase our energy bills.Graham supports the National Security Agency spying on American citizens, and restrictions on our First Amendment...

Save on Energy Bills

Georgia Power has some tips to prevent high energy bills in the coming months.Cool kitchen tips:-Use pots and pans that match the size of the burners on your stove. This allows more...

Walk-around tests can find energy loss

Q: Our energy bills keep going up and up. There seem to...dividends in home comfort and reduced energy bills. The first thing you need to do - and...for financial help in lowering their energy bills through the government's Weatherization...

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Start working now to lower your company's heating bills

NEW YORK - If your small company's energy bills have been mind-boggling this summer, the fall and...comfortable as the temperature falls. Lowering your energy bills means going over your physical plant and all your equipment...

Things to know about senior housing in 2010

...waiting list for low-income housing. Save money on energy bills by properly sealing your doors and windows. Grab a...up to $1,500. Seniors struggling to pay their energy bills can turn to the Low-Income Housing Energy Assistance...

Businesses cope with rising heating bills

...The government's energy outlook released this week offers little relief to small business owners hoping for lower energy bills this winter. Natural gas prices are already running 70 percent higher in 2003 than they were last year, and crude...