Thirteen Strategies for Financial Independence Through Self-Sufficiency

...would completely eliminate your energy bill. Beyond that, many energy companies...you're eliminating a $100 monthly energy bill this way (close to the national...after that, you don't have an energy bill and receive $135 a month from...

House passes energy and water spending bill with MOX funding

...night. The measure funds construction of the MOX plant in fiscal year 2015 at a cost of $345 million.A water and energy bill still needs consideration by the Senate where a dispute over amendments has stalled appropriation bills.The MOX plant...

Keep cool and save money on your home energy bill

...rain or not -- will have a negative impact on your energy bill and your level of comfort as well. Here are a few suggestions...math is simple. The motor uses more energy (higher energy bill) and the cooling or heating delivered by the system...

Energy bill adds ethanol to gas

...fine balance" that will make federal gasoline rules more flexible while still protecting air quality. ENERGY BILL HIGHLIGHTS The energy bill approved by the Senate on Friday also: Requires tougher interstate pipeline safety measures, including...

National energy bill near completion

...incentives and other programs, it will spur the growth of non-fossil energy industries. Mr. Bush said he wants an energy bill on his desk by August. Other provisions in the Senate bill include: - Approval for an inventory of offshore oil and...

Angry writer wants energy bill killed

...I'm not going to take it anymore." Let's send this message to our U.S. senators who will soon be voting on an energy bill that opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, gives tens of billions in taxpayer subsidies to the...

Seven Simple Tactics We Use to Keep Summer Energy Bills Low

...your furnace uses can make a huge difference when the energy bill comes. Now that we're heading toward summer, the...and with long summer days, that can certainly help our energy bill. If opening and closing curtains to maximize indirect light...

Bureaucrat Bingo: Cline Cabinet vs. Obama & Co.

...this bloated agency is someone who can make government downsizing educational and fun.My choice for Secretary of Energy: Bill Nye the Science Guy. Department of EducationHere's another agency so unnecessary it's a wonder it was ever created...

The Unhappy Call

...eight phone calls. On average, each of those phone calls reduced each of the bills by an estimated $14 a month (the energy bill savings was an estimate). That adds up to $1,344 in savings this year. For three and a half hours on the phone...

State may see massive results

...Bush signed a $14.5 billion energy bill Aug. 8, he warned it wouldn't...prices could increase because the energy bill calls for the country to double...applying for a license. "The energy bill as passed does have provisions...