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As US oil production soars, so do pipeline accidents

...They're typically treated as perpetual pieces of infrastructure, like a bridge," said Anthony Swift, an energy analyst with the NRDC. "But it's not the same. You can fix a road or a bridge. A pipeline is much harder."
Analyst: nation near energy crisis

...crisis, but it has all the elements of one, says energy analyst Tom Petrie. "It's a workable situation, not a...situation back in balance." Petrie, who has been an energy analyst for nearly 30 years, said President-elect Bush's...
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Crude futures briefly touch $66 a barrel

...With inventory levels down, "gasoline will remain a key concern over the coming weeks," said Orrin Middleton, energy analyst at Barclays Capital in London. The U.S. inventories report Wednesday showed a decline in gasoline stocks, triggering...
Energy producers vigilant during hurricane season

...natural gas production. "The major source of natural gas is still the Gulf of Mexico," said Bill Gilmer, the chief energy analyst for the Houston office of the Federal Reserve Bank. "When a hurricane blows through, they're forced to evacuate...
Unrest in Libya affecting prices

...exporter in the OPEC behind Saudi Arabia."The concerns in the market go beyond Libya," said Victor Shum, an energy analyst at Purvin & Gertz in Singapore. "It's unlikely we're going to see any meaningful disruption of oil from the...
North Slope oil companies gamble on heavy oil

...known as viscous oil, heavy crude makes sense because of increases in worldwide demand, said Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst for Alaron Trading Co., a Chicago-based futures brokerage firm. "These alternative fuels that we thought just...
Crude futures rise amid supply worries

...rally. "With the resumption of the uptrend, you're probably going to have more buying," said Kyle Cooper, an energy analyst in Houston for Citigroup Inc. "And it wouldn't surprise me if we saw more buying still." Crude futures set for...
Fuel prices boost prospects for renewable energy

...fuel prices are making renewable energy more competitive in the power market," said Steve Taub, an alternative energy analyst at Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Renewable energy can't offer much relief to drivers and companies seeing...
Exxon, Shell profits plunge

...two-thirds of its earnings from oil and gas output. "The results were very disappointing," said Brian Youngberg, an energy analyst at Edward Jones. He noted Exxon has an extensive list of projects in various stages, "but now they need to start...
Gas prices fall as vacation season ends Oil Price Information Service.Hamza Khan, an energy analyst with The Schork Report, expects the pump price to...will do little to boost energy demand, MF Global energy analyst Mike Fitzpatrick said.Benchmark crude for October...