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People with chronic diseases often not treated for other conditions

...chronic diseases such as diabetes or emphysema often neglect lesser conditions like...three chronic diseases -- diabetes, emphysema or psychosis -- by the drugs prescribed...osteoporosis and heart disease. Patients with emphysema were 31 percent less likely to get cholesterol-lowering...
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Famous thoroughbred trainer Stephens dead

...died of complications from chronic emphysema at 3:20 a.m. EDT at the Heartland...walked with an oxygen tank for the emphysema. Stephens, who produced a donations be made to the "Emphysema Foundation."
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Author uncovered history

...Margaret Anne Barnes, the author of books examining landmark events in Southern history, has died after a long battle with emphysema. She was 80. The Decatur, Ga., woman died Thursday in Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, said her son, David Dukes...
Phone service could help keep health costs down get a telephone call now and then from someone who's interested in how she's breathing. Stein, 66, suffering from emphysema and asthma after half a century as a smoker, says she welcomes friendly reminders to take her medicine from somebody's...
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Jury finds tobacco industry liable in class-action lawsuit

...class-action lawsuit by smokers ever to go to trial found Wednesday that cigarette makers produced a defective product that causes emphysema, lung cancer and other illnesses -- a ruling that could expose the industry to billions in damages. The jury, which deliberated...
Vet smokers on own?

...government's role in promoting tobacco use? On this Memorial Day there are more than a few veterans suffering from cancer, emphysema, heart disease or other smoking related illnesses who first got addicted to smoking because the military services encouraged...
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Public smoking is health hazard

...smoked a single cigarette in her life, but lived with a smoker and worked with smokers, and secondhand smoke killed her with emphysema and heart failure. I watched her die. I hope that never happens to Mr. Scott. Ban public smoking now, before more people...
Worries about total smoking ban

...make it go away. If young people (and older ones, too) could just see the agony a person goes through in later life with emphysema, maybe that would make a difference. Think about not being able to walk very far without giving out of breath, and no more...
It's time to quit smoking

...bronchitis, suppresses the immune system, inhibits the healing of wounds after surgery and can lead to coronary artery disease, emphysema and cancer, he said. Despite knowing the risks, Graves said, smoking, and the nicotine rush it provides, is a hard habit...
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Elderly face confusing choices as their HMOs quit Medicare

...could drop you just like that," said Loretta Marino, 61, who qualified for Medicare young because she has been disabled by emphysema. The New Windsor, N.Y., woman is concerned she may have to switch doctors or lose her prescription drug coverage...