Scientists launch airborne mission to study Leonid meteor shower

From ancient Chinese emperors to crooner Perry Como, stargazers have dreamed of the day they could catch a "falling star." Physicist Steve Butow isn't...

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Calvin's serves up healthy, hearty Southern cuisine

Ever in search of emperors of the kitchen, we discovered yet another striking culinary personality during our travels through Augusta this week. For the...

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Column: Could George W. Bush restore dignity to the presidency?

WE STILL speak of the Romans who, at the height of their national power and wealth, were ruled by emperors who fiddled while Rome burned and made horses into senators. In 2,000 years, people will speak of Americans who, at the height...

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At the movies: 'The Emperor's Club'

...were casting about for a title for "The Emperor's Club," they might have considered...short story it's based on.) "The Emperor's Club," starring Kevin Kline as a...education. But it's hard to watch "The Emperor's Club" without constantly recalling...

'Emperor's New Clothes' will suit children and grownups

...all-female cast will tell the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes on Tuesday at the University...tale, in which a "vain and childish emperor is duped by two schemers who convince...be able to see the cloth himself, the emperor enlists the aid of his two ministers...

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'Emperor' ruled with benevolent hand

...known throughout the land as Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of...Joshua Norton, declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these United States of America...reign of Joshua Abraham Norton -- or "Emperor Norton I," as he was known throughout...

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Making way for the new Edsel

...extension to the Obamacare enrollment "deadline" from March 31 to April 15.Rule of law was preceded in death by the decrees of emperors and monarchies. It is survived by administrative policies, executive orders and the whims of the chief executive.Consider...

February quest unearths Lincoln story

...know it's the second month, and the shortest month, but how did it get such a strange name? July and August are named for emperors, but February?When I typed "February" into the Internet, this caught my eye: On Feb. 1, 1963, Fleetwood Lindley...

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Good tomatoes might make election, drought endurable

...Let's see. It's the end of the old month, the beginning of the new ? and both July and August are named for Roman emperors.Speaking of empire-builders, the elections are upon us. For better or worse, but usually worse. I'll be glad that...

Delicious book tells the story of two candy men

...two giants, Hershey and Mars, in The Emperors of Chocolate. Both companies bear the...profits back into production. "These two emperors of chocolate stand for something important...management, although it is doubtful either emperor would have considered his work in those...