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On the move

...University of Louisville's School of Nursing. Ms. Weinrich was named the International Research Promotion Council's Eminent Scientist of the Year in 2003. Mr. Weinrich has participated in more than $8 million of National Institutes of Health-funded...
Crick and Watson lab still powerhouse of science

...the United States just four weeks ago. "He was an American chap who did his Ph.D. here and who is now a very eminent scientist. He had a guilty conscience, wrote and said, 'Here it is,"' Fuller said. Fuller, 66, was a 16-year-old...
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Biotech/cancer synergy

...designation from the National Cancer Institute in order to have a cancer center. When that is accomplished, some 150 eminent scientists and clinicians would be recruited to MCG and other medical centers and universities to coordinate the research efforts...
Opinion columns
Human genome projects essentially complete

...pioneers who, he said, "first discovered the elegant structure of our genetic code." Watson was one of many eminent scientists at the ceremony. J. Craig Venter, chief scientist of Celera Genomics, a Rockville, Md., company that completed...
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Author: A-bomb kept the peace

When eminent scientists joined together in World War II to build the atomic bomb, it was a victory of science over politics in creating a weapon so terrible...
Handicapping the Future

...success. Cornish recently reviewed the first issue of The Futurist, published in 1967. Among 34 forecasts made by eminent scientists, engineers and policy makers, Cornish found 23 on target and 11 wrong. Those futurists correctly predicted transplants...
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Argues in support of Creator amendment

...taught about the Creator but taught the Holy Bible as well. This is like the Flat Earth Society using a quote from an eminent scientist or royal person from the 1400s to prove to people alive today that the Earth is flat! The Bible teaches that God...