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Mylan offers to buy rival generic drugmaker Perrigo

...Chairman Robert Coury and CEO Heather Bresch.Mylan NV's best-selling product is the EpiPen Auto Injector, an emergency treatment for allergic reactions made by Pfizer. Mylan reported $1.19 billion in revenue from EpiPen in 2014 and the...
Pediatric ER serves wide two-state area care ? in which we encourage families to be present for procedures, resuscitation and other emergency treatment needs their children have;? pediatric emergency physicians who can provide support and advice to EMS for patients...
Dems lied to push agenda add or create jobs with the "largest tax increase in history" facing them? Between COBRA/EMTALA (free emergency treatment for everyone, legal or not) and PPACA ? and the fact that the United States does not enforce its immigration laws...
I-20 wreck hospitalizes truck driver

...backed up as emergency crews were working, a man in a stopped vehicle apparently had a heart attack and required emergency treatment.He had been on his way to a hospital for medical care, and his symptoms worsened while stuck in traffic.
Bookworm: 'The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs'

...was a beloved doctor but a poor bill-collector, a softie for his patients and their owners. The clinic needed emergency treatment.All Cyrus wanted was to sell it off, but he learned that it wouldn't be easy, especially since many people...
Medicaid cuts cost consumers

...officials grumble that they perform many of the same tests on patients who end up OK as they do on patients who require emergency treatment. Hospital executives worry that the "care management organizations" might cut back the reimbursement rates even...
Fraudulent ingredients pose threat to consumer

...some of the root problems. The move to write new rules dates to the 1990s, when at least two people required emergency treatment for an irregular heartbeat after taking a "body cleansing" supplement containing the toxic substance digitalis...
Closing St. Joseph could start stream of office relocations

...most insurance companies require patients to see a primary care physician before going to a hospital for non-emergency treatments, said Mr. Larson, who is a past president of the CSRA Medical Managers Association. "If a hospital closes...
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...brick column under the Archie Butts memorial Bridge. Engine Co. 6 was summoned and a rescue team got him safely out. He was hustled to the emergency room of University Hospital for emergency treatment - then to jail for being drunk.
Metro | Aiken County Board of Education | Coliseum Authority
Boy impaled in the neck by arrow, but survives the boy's spine, said Lt. Dave Hover of the Brevard County Fire Rescue's Station where the boy went for emergency treatment. Firefighters cut about 6 inches off the arrow so he could be flown to an Orlando hospital.
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