Rekindle Christmas spirit

...explained why I was there, and he immediately went to the man, helped him and called for medical assistance. An emergency medical technician and a firefighter came out of the fire station and started to treat his injury. At that point I saw that I...

Coroner's office seeks smooth running after overhaul

...location where property is found. Any items taken back to the office must be handed over by a deputy sheriff, an emergency medical technician or a family member.Someone must then sign off on the receipt, which is again signed by another person before...

'Keying mistake' leads to overpaid firefighters in Augusta

...staffer was manually inputting an overtime calculation for firefighters who are certified as paramedics or emergency medical technicians."It was a mistake, just like any other," she said. "It was a keying mistake that was made."Firefighters...

Lawsuit filed over city's overtime pay calculation for firefighter

...Since 2010, the fire department has required firefighters to obtain certification as either a paramedic or an emergency medical technician, and the city pays a stipend of $1,800 or $1,200, respectively, each year.Morris contends the city...

Attacks on health-care workers, nurses, doctors spark alarm

ATLANTA -- Nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians and other health-care workers get punched, bit and slammed into walls while doing their jobs, and a legislative panel is considering...

Commission approves fire department salary increase

...According to James' proposal, it costs about $23,000 to train new recruits to be certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. A class of 25 new recruits could cost as much as $575,000.Commissioner Bill Fen noy suggested the department...

Augusta Fire Department chief submits salary proposal to public safety committee

...spokeswoman Dee Griffin said.It costs about $23,000 to train new recruits to be certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. A class of 25 new recruits could cost as much as $575,000 to train.Once those firefighters make their...

Citizens can lobby legislators successfully

...the emergency room because they were afraid of getting arrested, which was ultimately the case. When the emergency-medical technicians arrived, they could have saved him had they carried and been authorized to use a powerful antidote called...

2 shot outside James Brown Arena

...two black men, one of a slender build and the other heavy-set.Richmond County sheriff's deputies and emergency medical technicians were called to the arena about 11:05 p.m., a spokeswoman said.

Lincoln County deputy had early love for law enforcement

...his skills outside of law enforcement. As a trained first responder, it's not uncommon to see Mason beat emergency medical technicians to the scene to render aid.It's all part of what Wallen says is Mason's desire to help others, no matter...