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Officials call transfer punishment

When Ellen Cauthen learned she had been summoned to the school superintendent's WHAT'S NEXT The jury in the federal civil trial of Ellen Cauthen v. the Richmond County Board of Education should begin deliberating...
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Deal gets OK'd

...board approved the negotiated settlement offer with Ellen Cauthen on Tuesday night after a nearly hourlong closed-door...SETTLEMENT Here is the breakdown of the settlement with Ellen Cauthen that the Richmond County Board of Education agreed to...
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Ex-principal gets $258,000

...awarded her $258,000 in damages Friday. "I'm overwhelmed," Ellen Cauthen said on the steps of the U.S. District Courthouse at the conclusion...more in attorney fees for the board and for those who represented Ellen Cauthen.
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Taxpayers might pay lawyer fees

...Board of Education surpassed half a million dollars this week. Last month, a U.S. District Court jury found in Ellen Cauthen's favor and awarded the former school administrator $258,000 in damages. Because of the nature of the lawsuit...
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Ruling to be challenged

...and briefs filed Friday in U.S. District Court, the school board is challenging the jury's verdict in favor of Ellen Cauthen, a former principal. On March 17, a federal jury sided with Dr. Cauthen, a 37-year veteran educator. She alleged...
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What looms for Larke?

...of racial discrimination against a former principal. Ellen Cauthen, who is white, was the lone official punished by Larke...We want to express our heartfelt regrets to Dr. Ellen Cauthen and her family for the injury she suffered at the hands...
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School board acquires familiar stench board member A.K. Hasan, for standing up to Charles Larke's panel of goons. It's really sad that Ellen Cauthen, a school-system veteran of 30-plus years, was blamed and demoted. ... Doesn't Dr. Cauthen's 30-plus...
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Richmond board picks architects

...item at school are not punished but the beeper or cell phone is confiscated. With the board's approval, teacher Ellen Cauthen is now assistant principal at Tubman Middle School, and Deborah Neivel is lead teacher - the equivalent of an assistant...
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Board settles lawsuit

...In May, the board agreed on a final cost of $435,000 in another federal discrimination lawsuit. A jury awarded Ellen Cauthen $258,000, and the board worked out the final price tag to include attorney's fees, court costs and a scholarship...
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Another Larke suit is filed

...sexual advances led to retaliation by Dr. Larke, including being passed over for promotions. Status: Pending - Ellen Cauthen v. Charles Larke and Board of Education Dr. Cauthen claimed she was discriminated against when she was transferred...
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