Let Export-Import Bank expire

...as U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., told The Huffington Post, Democrats hope to score points with the corporate elites angered in 2010 by his onerous Dodd-Frank legislation."A lot of the business people supported Obama in '08," he said...

Elites manipulate behind the scenes

...capitalism. They contended that the elite class would abuse the working...Lately, I can see that the elite of society did not forget. Elites have waged an unscrupulous pre-emptive...on abortions and gay rights, elites continue to widen the financial...

Europe's elites slammed

...about the United States. The political elites, in their arrogance, failed to sell...individual liberty. The disconnect between the elites and the citizenry can be seen clearly...with his people. Europe's political elites - the governing class as well as the media...

Ethanol initiative harmful

...damage by processing corn into fuel instead of food is hurting people on limited budgets much more than overpaid government elites who hardly care about the price of gas.The Obama voting bloc and low-information people do not even understand the hypocrisy...

Stop destruction of our country

...such as the globalist, internationalist elites of the Democratic and Republican parties...United States is not the property of the elites to give away. It is a gift to us from...future generations. We must resist those elites who push to give up our sovereignty via...

Gore for '04?

Democratic party elites and activists are not pleased at former Vice President Al Gore's return...choose a presidential nominee in the primaries, don't agree with the elites. In his return to Florida last week, Gore got a rousing reception...

Good reform rejected

Egged on by the Big Media elites, the White House and some so-called "progressives" are all for piling on more of the same...finance reform will have to give way to the anti-First Amendment drivel propounded by the liberal elites.

Goodbye, Holiday Tree

Secular elites have made remarkable, albeit perverse, progress not only in pushing God out of the nation's public schools, but also in muscling...

United Nations knew about WMD

Since this war on terrorism started, liberal elites have stated that there is no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction. They and all those with them are terribly wrong. There...

Democrats have been downright despicable

Democrats and the network media elites have hit an all-time-low. Rapper extraordinaire Kanye West charged that President George W. Bush does not like "black people...