Circumstances different for Japan in World Cup this time

...Germany, 2003 and '07) in consecutive World Cups, and it would solidify the national team's standing among the world elites. The United States is seeking its third title, but first since 1999.Japan, ranked No. 4 in the world, has met the second-ranked...

A crude tax

...that falling fuel prices are reviving the economy and giving some much-needed relief to America's working stiffs, leftist elites want to make gas and other fossil fuels more costly with a "carbon tax."Radical environmentalists, liberal pundits and...

French teen is first female to land on MLB's international registration lists for potential pro signing

...Where will Mayeux's spirit of adventure carry her? Not even she knows for sure. She hopes to catch team scouts' eyes at an elite MLB European camp in August where she'll work with Hall of Fame shortstop Barry Larkin. She dreams, of course, of becoming...

Elites manipulate behind the scenes

...capitalism. They contended that the elite class would abuse the working...Lately, I can see that the elite of society did not forget. Elites have waged an unscrupulous pre-emptive...on abortions and gay rights, elites continue to widen the financial...

Europe's elites slammed

...about the United States. The political elites, in their arrogance, failed to sell...individual liberty. The disconnect between the elites and the citizenry can be seen clearly...with his people. Europe's political elites - the governing class as well as the media...

Change voters' mind-set

...nearly half of the voting population by multiplying government benefits.The goal of dependency and control by the socialist elites must not succeed. Why do 80 percent of the black and Hispanic population vote Democratic? A generally low level of education...

Rants & Raves

...Republicans' entire platform rests on the supposed moral superiority of small-town Americans over the coastal, liberal "elites." THE COMMUNITY OF Augusta-Richmond County, the public library system is a sinking ship. Low morale, overworked and underpaid...

U17 SC Bulls 97 Boys Elite soccer team will play for national title

As teammates since childhood, members of the U17 SC Bulls 97 Boys Elite made history together.During the weekend of June 13-14, the U.S. Youth Soccer club became the first local team to win a...

Tesla Motors co-founder wants to electrify commercial trucks

...maintenance, Wright said.While trucks aren't as sleek as Tesla's sports cars, a popular vehicle among Silicon Valley elites, Wright believes his powertrains can do more to reduce carbon pollution because trucks are such heavy polluters."I think...

Atrocities of history are calling out to us but are we listening?

...1917: low-educated proletariat to be manipulated and a new elite controlled by communist politburo. Also a new military officers...police to round up most of the Polish officers corps and other elites ? 22,000 in all ? to be executed in the woods of Katyn...