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Electronics show features Web on DVD

...of the attention at this week's winter Consumer Electronics Show here has been on bypassing PCs. Web-surfing the...are due in late spring. The other sensation at the electronics show this week is the DVD, or digital video disc. The...
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Las Vegas airport preps for tech-savvy travelers

...heading home after the gadget convention.The airport had already installed free airport-wide Wi-Fi ahead of the electronics show 10 years ago at a time when travelers had either a laptop or personal digital assistant, if that, and were at most...
Electronics makers hawk solid products

LAS VEGAS - The world's premier consumer electronics show wouldn't be complete without the fanciful and outlandish...2,400 exhibitors at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week hawked simple, elegant, sub-$1,000...
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Grill, baby tech hot at Vegas trade show

...Tablets were all the rage at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but with tens of thousands of products on display...150.ISAAC BREKKEN/ASSOCIATED PRESSThe Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest trade show in the Americas...
Gadgets, gizmos galore at electonics show

...fair here called the Consumer Electronics Show. This is when it is revealed...DTV debuted a year ago at the electronics show, where the industry proclaimed...hype of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but in the case of Yeppwell...
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Makers of smut and electronics strange bedfellows at industry show

...out lurid films. It's really the 1997 Consumer Electronics Show, the nation's largest and most respected, but...Comdex is more tech heads," Freeman said. Consumer Electronics Show attendees are more open-minded about exotic experiences...
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Stakes are high for electronics industry

...camcorders! Despite a raft of new cool products, U.S. manufacturers face skeptical retailers at the giant Consumer Electronics Show opening Thursday in Las Vegas. Last year, the trade pledged innovations that never arrived on store shelves...
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Gadget show is awash in 'wearable' devices, but questions remain

...engaged both startups and big companies including Samsung, Sony, LG and others. At the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, companies are showing off hundreds of new watches, wristbands and eyeglasses with built-in video screens...
Samsung unveils smartwatch in race to beat Apple

...Mistry, a member of Samsung's design team, told reporters at the launch in Berlin ahead of the annual IFA consumer electronics show there.The Gear uses Google's Android operating system, just like many of the phones and tablets made by Samsung...
Microsoft bashers aren't welcome inside electronics show

LAS VEGAS -- The cavernous hall looks like a Microsoft love-fest: Hundreds of smaller software companies exhibit under the Microsoft banner, "Where do you want to go today?" Attendees stare at images on overhead video screens touting its software. But outside on a street corner, two Microsoft lampooners who had been kicked off the show floor cried, "What does he want to own today?" and waved boxes of software parodying the popular Windows program.
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