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Apple on verge of buying Beats for $3.2 billion, report says

...the latest indication that the company is having trouble generating growth on its own. Apple already sells Beats Electronics gear in its stores, giving the company insights into how much the trendy headphones and other audio equipment appeal to its...
Electronics companies woo women

...according to the Consumer Electronics Association. It said women accounted for $55 billion of the $96 billion spent on electronics gear. But electronics stores have been slow to catch on. Nearly three-quarters of women surveyed by the industry group...
AOL to develop new gadgets

...Netscape's roughly 1,000 software programmers to tailor future versions of Internet software that work with all sorts of electronics gear. In addition, AOL wants eventually to customize what it transmits to subscribers. Instead of receiving AOL's...
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Computers adopted for consumer electronics use

...Microsoft announced they had agreed to adopt Microsoft's Windows CE operating system for use in Sony consumer-electronics gear, taking a big step toward the oft-hyped "convergence" ideal of computers, TVs, stereos, phones and other...
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Special on Aisle 5: Shopper ambivalence over electronic gadgets

...computers. Like an ill-tuned TV set adrift between stations, consumers so far seem ambivalent about the latest electronics gear -- promising a mixed selling season for makers of gizmos and computers. Analysts and retailers expect electronics...
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Chip breakthrough promises product improvement

...lets computers and other devices hold information even when they're turned off. The chips are heavily used in electronics gear such as digital cameras, which store images as computer code even when the battery is idle. More broadly, Intel's...
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Retracing Lindbergh

...Texas businessman Bill Signs had an easier time of it than Lindbergh - his Cessna 210 had state-of-the-art electronics gear, flew faster and weighed about 500 pounds less than Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis." Signs took about 22...
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No movies to watch, but some people are buying new video player

...antidote to a yearlong sales malaise in consumer electronics gear. But as makers of DVD players try to expand sales...disc - DVDs sound more like men's underwear than electronics gear. Despite the obstacles, industry forecasts of sales...
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Injuries have not stopped veteran

...moved to Belvedere in 1990 from Honolulu, and he's been indulging his miniature sailboat hobby and interest in electronics gear and computers. "Just because you're older doesn't mean you don't have to pay attention to what's happening...
Electronics gear to be collected

The Central Savannah River Area Environmental Science Education Cooperative will hold its biannual Electronics Recycling Day on July 21 at Fort Discovery.
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