Clean-energy plan flawed

...ways in which utilities can produce electricity and mandate how American families...carbon rule will cause nationwide electricity price increases of between 6 to 7...result in many years of increasing electricity costs.

25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

...save a little ? on the cost of bulbs, since an incandescent only lasts for 1,000 hours) and given $0.12 per kWh of electricity, you're going to save $115.20 by using a 12 W LED bulb over a 60 W incandescent bulb ? and they have roughly the...

Deere produces milestone millionth tractor

...a larger electric transportation pilot initiative that includes supporting community charging stations for public use. "Electricity as a transportation fuel offers our customers a variety of benefits, notably the substantial savings on fuel and maintenance...

Electricity bills expected to increase this winter, natural gas to be stable

The majority of Augusta-area residents who use electricity to heat their homes can expect a 2 percent increase in...those who regularly use 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity at home ? energy costs will increase about $2.84...

Huge California solar plant, hailed as turning point in green energy, lags in early production

...February, with operators saying it would produce enough electricity to power a city of 140,000 homes.So far, however...459-foot towers. The resulting steam drives turbines to create electricity.When the $2.2 billion complex opened, Energy Department...

Kirby: It's colder in Augusta and my body can prove it

...dry, itchy skin is. Or cracked fingers. Or a scratchy throat. Or a runny nose. And don't get me started on static electricity.When you go to let your little dog out the back door, and he sticks his head out, then turns to come back inside, you...

Developer in rural Georgia tries building coal-fired power plant

...from the Taylor Energy Fund to help cover development costs, though he lacks commitments from utility companies to buy the electricity. The last electric companies in the development consortium left last year. The developers also failed to pay their 2013...

Rants & Raves

...sad in this day and age that we can't have decent mail service. I HEARD THEY ARE going to raise the price of water and electricity. I live on a fixed income of $1,200 a month. I do not have a job. I have been looking for two years. Nobody is hiring...

During Blackout Day, Academy of Richmond County students learn to live without technology

...Melinda Cobb said the event grew from a suggestion by one of the teachers, who hoped to show how much the school depended on electricity. Once the event was organized, the Blackout Day quickly grew into a way to not only teach teenagers to better appreciate...

Photos give glimpse into Stevens Creek Dam's history

...project, completed in 1914 off Stevens Creek Road, is a hidden Columbia County landmark of sorts that has quietly produced electricity for 100 consecutive years while the rest of the world has changed around it."At the time it was built, there was nothing...