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Paramedics extend free pool checks

...their house and look for proper floatation and rescue devices, proper fencing around the pool, and furniture and electrical devices placed too close to the water, said Valerie Spratlin, spokeswoman for Rural/Metro. Medics also stress the need...
Rechargeable mice work well, but are pricey

...are the two rechargeable batteries. The charging station-receiver needs to be at least 8 inches away from other electrical devices to prevent interference. Mine worked just fine on an overhead bookshelf. And a full battery charge takes about...
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Holiday hazard lurks

...tree (or any furniture or curtains, for that matter). - Using frayed extension cords. Buy new ones. - Hooking electrical devices into more than one extension cord. If you have to use more than one to connect the lights or a space heater, get...
Sound Bites: Audio Reviews at the Moses Synagogue to make this recording, and to accommodate traditional laws forbidding the use of electrical devices on the Sabbath. The simple, singable tunes' lyrics are scriptures set to melody, and speak of love for the Torah...
Easing pain with brain implants

...Brain surgeons are no longer content with mere cutting or burning. Now, they are increasingly turning to implanted electrical devices - battery- powered pacemakers for the brain - to tweak faulty neural circuits. Electrical stimulation, or "neuromodulation...
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Here comes the ice storm!

...and the kids who were so happy to stay home from school, have no idea what to do, locked in a house with no electrical devices working. Tell them all this then get out of the way while they rush to the grocery to buy bread and milk. Why...