3 teams said to be behind Paris attacks

...and a roadside bombing that targeted Shiites.The militant group also claimed to have bombed a Russian plane that crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Oct. 31, killing 224 people.Islamic State suffered significant reversals this week, with Kurdish...

Red Sea winds will be blowing power across Egypt

HURGHADA, Egypt -- European tourists step out of their...pilot stage of a program aimed at making Egypt the No. 1 generator of wind power in Africa...electricity. The winds blowing across northern Egypt from the Mediterranean are accelerated...

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Egypt soccer fans rush field after game, 74 dead

...an upset victory by the home team over Egypt's top club, setting off clashes and...Al-Ahly, based in Cairo and one of Egypt's most popular teams ? was the worst case of soccer violence in Egypt and the deadliest worldwide since 1996...

Egypt to oust foreign belly dancers

CAIRO, Egypt -- Egypt's foreign belly dancers have been given their marching orders. The...she said. "In America, nobody looks at me negatively, but in Egypt it is more difficult because of the system, pressures and attitudes...

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Egypt coach Bob Bradley undeterred by unrest, criticism

...years ago, Bob Bradley was brought to Egypt with much fanfare to help the national...World Cup amid political turmoil.With Egypt still reeling from last week's 6-1...far cry from Bradley's first year in Egypt.Although he barely speaks Arabic, and...

Egypt restores the Sphinx, pharaonic style

CAIRO, Egypt -- In the time of the pharaohs, a weary...that the beast offered him the crown of Egypt if he would restore the monument to its...restoration and $2.5 million later, Egypt has again repaired the Sphinx, using the...

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Tourism helps Egypt heal wounds

LUXOR, Egypt -- Fending off a scorching sun with dark...assault. Only now are the southern city and Egypt's all-important tourist industry recovering...business," said Ilhamy el-Zayyat, head of Egypt's Chamber of Tourism and owner of a major...

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USC Aiken panel focuses on Tunisia, Egypt

...Despite demands for more freedoms in Egypt and Tunisia by protestors, a country like...discussion of the recent protests in Tunisia and Egypt. About 200 students and area residents...surprise, as did protests that followed in Egypt the next month. The three panelists drew...

Fear keeps Christians in Egypt from the polls

ASSIUT, Egypt - A campaign of intimidation by Islamists...provincial capital, Assiut, chanting that Egypt will be "Islamic, Islamic, despite the...images of early Muslims conquering Christian Egypt in the 7th Century.They made sure to go...

Egypt again halts work on controversial highway near pyramids

CAIRO, Egypt -- Egypt has again halted work on a controversial highway running near the Great...The paper quoted Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzoury as saying that Egypt would invite experts from the Paris-headquartered U.N. Educational...

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