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Icons, ancient manuscripts highlight Met exhibit

...considered primarily in terms of political decline," de Montebello said at a preview earlier this week. "When (Edward) Gibbon described the decline and fall of the Roman empire, he set an image of the last centuries ... as one of failure...
America's future

...has been going strong since President George Washington - and seems more prosperous than ever. Another historian, Edward Gibbon, gave several basic reasons for the fall of the world's civilizations: the undermining of the sanctity of the family...
Opinion columns
War planned before Bush was president

...murdered by our push-button weapons so that a few of our corporate criminals can become even richer. In the words of Edward Gibbon, "Patriotism is the mask that covers the most glaring of inconsistencies." Mark Gelbart, Augusta
At 84, historian is still a seeker of knowledge

...languages), the sales (millions). His mission has been to write in the spirit of the great literary historians: Edward Gibbon, Thomas Carlyle and others. In such books as The Discovers, The Creators and his The Americans trilogy, he has...
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Decline on clear display

...receiving food stamps. Citizens are coaxed to transfer their allegiance from God to the government.English historian Edward Gibbon published The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire beginning, ironically enough, in 1776. He cites a lack of civic...