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Miller's legacy in education

...Mr. Miller doesn't call himself an "education governor," but others do, in a kind of unanimity...system. "Everybody campaigns on being the education governor. He actually was the education governor; that's what the difference is...
Education governor?

Georgia's 80th governor took the oath of office yesterday and displayed oratorical skills that would have made Demosthenes proud. Roy Barnes promises to work for implementation of regional approaches to combat water and air pollution, to somehow reform managed health care and, of course, to pursue education reform.
Opinion columns
Hodges calls for parties to cooperate

...applauded wildly at the news that college-entrance test scores have increased 15 percent in the two years that the "education governor" has been in office and the education-minded Legislature has supported reforms. That makes South Carolina first...
Hodges race pits record, tough issues

...Carolina Democratic Party. One of the seven, Columbia attorney Ken Wingate, said Mr. Hodges' promises to be an education governor have not been fulfilled. "I'm going to take it to him on that one," Mr. Wingate said. "I think he has tried...
Lawmakers plan to slow down teen drivers and speed up hospital competition in 1997 session

...summertime projects. In his final two-year legislative term, Gov. Zell Miller seeks to cement his legacy as the "education governor" with another 6 percent teacher pay raise, while Lt. Gov. Pierre Howard looks to build his future with a politically...
Schrenko states plan for reform

...70 audience members asked Mrs. Schrenko what would happen if she were governor. "What would we do if we had an education governor? All of these things would be possible when you're in the driver's seat," she said. Like Mr. Barnes, Mrs...
Counties say high goals are the key

...County21.2134731 Gwinnett County25.3115334 DeKalb County 26.699061 Atlanta Public26.799271 Chatham County32.4127258 Richmond County40.9127769 Sources: Georgia Department of Education, Governor's Office of Student Achievement
Senate class of '63 a breed apart

...greatly expand the university system and outlays for public schools, which earned him acclaim as Georgia's "education governor," one of many to earn the moniker. For Mr. Carter, it was his first major step toward the White House. During...
Local roots run deep for Sanders

...He was a great athlete and was good looking. He had all the right qualities." Mr. Sanders became known as the education governor. More than 6,000 classrooms were built and 10,000 additional teachers were hired during his administration...
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A HOPE-ful new year they're doing. Indeed, HOPE goes a long way toward giving Miller what he most covets -- a legacy as the "education governor." "We're not going to appreciate how good he has been until he's gone," underscores Georgia State University...