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Readers debate boycott of Disney properties SherryCarver, Augusta Editor, The Chronicle: Kudos for the Southern Baptists...Scott Smith,Martinez Editor, The Chronicle: Being a Southern Baptist...Wofford Caughman, Augusta Editor, The Chronicle: I am writing to express...
Points out undisclosed relationship

Editor, The Chronicle: Richard Boggan's letter to the editor in The Chronicle Nov. 8 ("Recaps doctor's negligence verdict"), appears to be...
Feedback - Here's what some of you said about Steve Spurrier

On Spurrier Sports Editor, The Chronicle: At the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, an...Richard W. Walker, North Augusta Sports Editor, The Chronicle: I can't believe that someone in Georgia, especially...
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Former editor's toughness challenged me to get better

...prodigy. When he joined The Chronicle in the 1970s, he advanced quickly. In fact, he might have been the youngest editor The Chronicle city desk ever had. He was talented in other ways. On Saturday nights after editing the first edition, Harold...
Bill Kirby
Boomers like to do more than write a check to favority charity

...different types of charities. They tend to go for things more local or more hands-on," said Stacy Palmer, editor The Chronicle of Philanthropy. "They care about things in their community and things they can have a direct involvement with...

Can the amazing drop in teen birth rates possibly have a connection to the proliferation of opportunities for abortion?Betty Timmerman, North Augusta

An item in the Price Check column in Wednesday's editions of The Augusta Chronicle should have said Vogue Cleaners charges $1.60 for dry cleaning a man's dress shirt.\r\n
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In all those endless lists -- the best of this, the worst of that -- leading up to 2000, it's fortunate for the Augusta Commission that there wasn't one cataloging pettiness.
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A lot of police cars around the county have bumper stickers that read, "Don't Litter." (Recently) I was stopped behind a city truck in front of T.W. Josey High School and was appalled to see the city employee throw a wrapper out onto the street. These are the very people empowered with keeping our city clean. They should know better. But you could assume this is job security. James L. Paul, Augusta
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If you have not driven on I-20 on the South Carolina side between Augusta and Graniteville, you are really missing a breathtaking sight. To brighten your day, relieve your stress, and just to enjoy a simple pleasure of life, take a short drive on I-20 and experience the magnificent wildflower display South Carolina has put on for us.Billie Houston, Augusta