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A groom's guide to getting involved (sort of)

...hire a deejay. A deejay is an individual who sees your wedding as an opportunity to act out his fantasies of being Eddie Van Halen, Rock God, by dancing in place to all his favorite hits. Remind him that it is your special day, not his. Inform...
Jackson will be remembered for music, not behavior

...unearth elements of hard rock and soft pop, of orchestral arrangement and bare-bones emotionalism. You'll find Eddie Van Halen, who played on Thriller; Prince, who was Jackson's closest contemporary and of course, James Brown - lots and...
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Performers lose control when lost in the music

...part of the live music experience as the uplifted lighter and ringing ears. Be it the perpetually surprised smile of Eddie Van Halen or the this-guitar-is-going-to-get-it growls that made metal menacing, the jam face is neither exotic...
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Sonic Spotlight: Michael Tanksley

...say SportsCenter." PRE-SHOW RITUAL: "Most of the time we have a little prayer." HANDPICKED CONCERT LINEUP: Eddie Van Halen, Eruption; Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody; Cameo, Alligator Woman; The Isley Brothers, Voyage to Atlantis; Prince...
Where we live

...boost his attraction to the guitar and drums. "My dad took me to see Van Halen at the Civic Center, and watching Eddie Van Halen play guitar and Alex Van Halen on drums - that was it!"
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Bands take 'rock' out of rock 'n' roll

...original bass player, has opted to sit this one out, throwing his hat in with Mr. Hagar. His replacement, guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang, might not be able to carry Mr. Anthony's low-end load, despite his name. I've always felt...
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Built to Spill helps keep guitar solos alive

...playing the same thing. The solo, perhaps, is not cool. It can seem showy and call to mind the '80s extravagance of Eddie Van Halen's masturbatory tapping or Slash's cigarette-puffing wails in the middle of some desert. There are, of course...
B.B. King to show magical bond

...states that the instrument was cut down after he injured himself on a full-sized guitar during an energetic set.EDDIE VAN HALEN: It bears the moniker Frankenstrat, but Van Halen's famous red, white and black-striped guitar was actually...
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Sound Bites: Holiday Reviews

...which is set to the frenetic drum beat of Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" and features a duet with none other than Eddie Van Halen himself in his first new studio work in years. It's clever, catchy and charismatic, one of the few new Christmas...
Help pick the top American band

...1980 or so, every metal band in the universe was playing like Van Halen. When that first album came out, however, Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing really was stunningly original. vs. NINE INCH NAILS (#13 SEED) Who they are: A tortured genius...