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We need Ed Tarver back in Atlanta

...leadership and in the Georgia Senate. Ed Tarver is completing his third year of service...also is critically important that Ed Tarver brings to this important office integrity...will have more men and women such as Ed Tarver who are willing to serve -- but...
Ed Tarver must return to state Senate

I wholeheartedly support state Sen. Ed Tarver's bid for reelection for District 22, and ask my fellow electors to vote for him in the Democratic primary July 15. Tarver...
Ed Tarver is a good man for the job

...outstanding opportunity we will have on Sept. 20 to vote for Ed Tarver as our representative for state Senate District 22. His...politics knows that the politician needs a support base. Ed Tarver has this in his wife. Out of his strong family commitment...
Elect Ed Tarver to our vacant Senate seat

...and 2) a senator who will fight for all Augustans. Ed Tarver has the potential to be one of the most effective senators...giant step toward a better future for our city. Elect Ed Tarver as our next state senator. James Carter III, Augusta
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Tarver has right skills, lawyers say

It's become an open secret that state Sen. Ed Tarver is on the short list to be appointed U.S. LEGAL AND POLITICAL BACKGROUND State Sen. Ed Tarver took office in 2005 in a special election after the criminal...
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Tarver claims seat in Georgia Senate

...was the charm for Augusta attorney Ed Tarver, defeating two former lawmakers...qualified. "It was a great victory for Ed Tarver," Mr. Brown said late The candidates respond Ed Tarver - 63 percent. "I pledge to work...
Out with the old

...Williams announced Tuesday that he will run against incumbent Ed Tarver for the District 22 state Senate seat. At least one thing...That old car is Marion Williams. The car you have now is Ed Tarver. Tarver's leadership in Atlanta since assuming his...
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Tarver is fine choice for U.S. Attorney

I just read the on-line article about state Sen. Ed Tarver's nomination as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District...Georgia, and especially Augusta, should be proud to have Ed Tarver fighting on their side. Annabel Tudor Winter Park, Fla...
Candidates make cases for election

...incumbent District 22 state Sen. Ed Tarver in the Democratic primary on ED TARVER (incumbent) AGE: 48 OCCUPATION...grandchildren District 22 Candidate Q & A ED TARVER Would you support changing the school...
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Elect Ed Tarver to Senate seat

Ed Tarver is a good fit for Georgia's state Senate...a retired military man. Because of it, Ed Tarver traveled the globe. He attended Glenn Hills...represent all of the people in the state. Ed Tarver is a people-oriented person. He can undergo...
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