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No, Billy, you can't have an Xbox 360

...out minutes after the store opened. Best Buy at the shopping center is sold out, too. So is the Evans Target, and EB Games in Aiken, and pretty much everywhere else that sells electronics. Sure, you can get one off eBay, but prices were...
Gaming fans get first crack at new Xbox system

...night before heading to an 8 a.m. class at the College of Staten Island. "It's going to be worth it." GameStop, EB Games and Best Buy opened hundreds of stores across the country for midnight launch events. At a 24-hour Wal-Mart location...
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Prosecution uses burned dogs' DNA to rest case

...Thursday: - Mr. Grant sold an Xbox game with a DVD remote control, like the one stolen from the Matthews home, to EB Games on Whiskey Road. He was picked out of a photo lineup by the assistant manager; - Sophie, the small Pekingese dog found...
It should be simple to satisfy video gamers come Christmas

...extension cords and memory cards. The best part is, most can be found used for a discount price at stores such as EB Games and Gamestop. You can even find used consoles on the cheap. Reach Dustin Turner at (706) 828-2903 or dustin.turner...
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GameStop to buy Electronics Boutique

...Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico and Sweden - primarily under the names EB Games and Electronics Boutique. GameStop said it intends to fund the cash portion of the transaction through the issuance of...
New payroll cards sub for pay, benefit checks

...Ecount's technology. Now about 30 companies, including the EB Games video game store chain, nearly 50 Burger King restaurants...Wagner, payroll manager at West Chester, Pa.-based EB games, estimating that 10 percent of the video game store chain's...
Man to get jail in dog burning

...jug nearly full of coins missing after the burglary. - Mr. Grant was also picked out of a photo lineup by a clerk from EB Games as the man who sold them an Xbox. - Mr. Grant admitted on the stand that he was in possession of property stolen from...
Sales of boxed PC games decline as downloads rise

...companies do this, the more it'll become an option for people." Video game specialty retailers like GameStop and EB Games still carry a selection of PC games, but stores like Blockbuster or Wherehouse Music don't even bother and carry only...