Rants & Raves

...side, but I'm afraid they already have. THE CRUSADES were a response to the brutal takeover of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Western Europe by the Muslims between the 700s and the 1000s. Additionally, Jim Crow laws were...

Heat wave sweeps Eastern Europe

BUCHAREST, Romania -- The worst heat wave in half a century has swept Eastern Europe, causing a reported 20 deaths in Romania and sending people plunging into fountains and standing-room-only pools in search...

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What Is It?

...just become president when the photo was taken. Several reports said the convertible has been rolled out for the eastern Europe-western Asia nation's ceremonies for years.The man regarded as the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk, apparently...

Europe unleashes aggressive stimulus to boost eurozone

...is vital for the global economy in part because Europe is a major trade partner for the United States, Britain, Eastern Europe, and Asia. And European officials have warned that stagnation must end if voters are to maintain their support for...

Despite nearly decade of showing in Detroit, prospect of Chinese cars in US still years away

...fuel-efficient small SUV that will be sold in China starting in April and parts of the Middle East, Africa, South America and eastern Europe in late 2015.The company, known as GAC, said it would like to enter the U.S. market, but there is no concrete...

Why US inflation stays ultra-low while job growth is surging

...the U.S. economy improves, American workers still face competition from billions of workers in China, India, Eastern Europe and elsewhere who weren't part of the global economy a decade or two ago.That most of those economies, as well...

Hanukkah takes on glitter of Christmas

...They're made from potatoes, which were abundant in Eastern Europe, where millions of Jews lived for centuries."What...from all the different countries Jews lived in in Eastern Europe," said Ted Merwin, a Dickinson College professor...

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...of decorated Easter eggs from eastern Europe are on display through May 8 at...and has become an art form in eastern Europe. The display features "written...through the islands ends in Quebec. Eastern Europe EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- One way...

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Clearing away the rubble

...have thought that freedom came to Eastern Europe with the collapse of the Soviet...leaves ruins. And our friends in Eastern Europe are laboring mightily to this...to Moldova, Belarus and beyond Eastern Europe to Cuba, Burma and Zimbabwe...

Unnecessary procedure

...America to you? It sounds more like the type of top-down, central planning that brought misery to Soviet-era Eastern Europe.And to top it all off, the winner in this state "competition" ? Georgia Regents Medical Center ? is an arm...