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19th century tea theft makes for riveting read

...clandestine mission on behalf of the London-based East India Co., which prospered by shipping opium to China in return...heavily on Fortune's memoirs and his letters to the East India Co. Jane Fortune burned her husband's papers and personal...
Book tells of mutiny on the Batavia

...Portugal. It tells the story of the powerful Dutch East India Co. and the spice trade with the East Indies, which accounted...Pelsaert, the senior surviving representative of the Dutch East India Co., sailed by longboat to seek rescue in the town of...
Life & style
Prints, drawings offer picture of old India

...way it was," Mr. Sekhon said. Among the painters who visited India beginning in the late 1700s - when Britain's East India Co. was just consolidating its hold on the region - were men more interested in making their fortune than in documenting...
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Old stock certificates are popular investment

...certificate, which isn't for sale, has been valued for insurance purposes at $600,000. It's from the Dutch East India Co. and dates to 1608. There are also bonds dating to the 1500s, which also go for thousands of dollars. Mr. Downing...