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Bone-building drug cuts risk of return

...already spread to the bone. The new study involved 1,800 premenopausal women taking hormone treatments for early-stage breast cancer. Zometa cut by one-third the chances that cancer would recur -- in their bones or anywhere else. "This...
Genetic test aids cancer patients

...Ms. Tindall, avoid chemotherapy, Dr. Keaton said. The test is approved right now only for patients with early-stage breast cancer tumors that have not spread to the lymph nodes and that are sensitive to estrogen, Dr. Keaton said. But this...
Grant may aid cancer center

...breast cancer patients, said Pam Anderson, breast health specialist at University Breast Health Center. "Early-stage breast cancer has a greater survival rate and more treatment options," she said. FOR MAMMOGRAMS Women who might not otherwise...
Fast answers

...cover the test. GENESEARCH BREAST LYMPH NODE ASSAY WHAT IS IT? A test of the sentinel lymph node biopsy done in early stage breast cancers to detect if the cancer has spread. During surgery, a biopsy is sent to a lab for real-time PCR testing for...
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Doctors test if newer methods fight breast cancer

...qualify for a lumpectomy - removing just the tumor, not the whole breast. A lumpectomy plus radiation cures early stage breast cancer just as well as breast-removing mastectomies do. But daily radiation treatment for about six weeks is an inconvenience...
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More choose invasive surgery

...that I probably don't have any reason to." After decades of progressing toward less invasive surgery for early-stage breast cancer patients, some women opting for mastectomy are also asking for the other noncancerous breast to be removed...
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Test may help rule out need for chemotherapy

SAN FRANCISCO -- Many women with early-stage breast cancer might be spared unnecessary chemotherapy if doctors check their tumors for proteins that help reveal whether the disease will spread...
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FDA approves new breast cancer drug

...Administration today approved Ellence, known chemically as epirubicin, for treatment of node-positive, early-stage breast cancer. Some 180,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. About 75,000 of them need "adjuvant...
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Medicare's HMO breast cancer care lauded maintenance organizations are better than traditional fee-for-service plans at diagnosing and treating early stage breast cancer, but the differences between the two types of plans are not consistent, according to a new study by federal...
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