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MRIs beat mammograms at finding breast cancer in high-risk women, study finds recommend it in place of preventive surgery without proof it saves lives. "The prognosis is better for small, early cancers, but detecting small cancers at an early stage does not guarantee improved survival rates," Dr. Laura Liberman...
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Study - Cancer rate near SRS not any higher

...are not high." Poverty, lack of access to health care, lack of public education about preventive tests to detect early cancers could all contribute to high rates of cervical and esophageal cancer, researchers say. About 4,000 new cases of...
SRS safety confirmed

...don't generally cause those cancers. They are attributed to poverty and lack of access to preventive tests to detect early cancers. Obviously, there is much health care work to be done in this area. But overall the MUSC study should relieve much...
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