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...the Net continuously, and e-mail obsessives who'll buy any inexpensive gizmo that will keep them wired to their e-mailboxes. The IT-380 E-Mail Link also works with Mail Call, a text-to-voice remote e-mail service. If you can't...
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Consumer watchdogs tear into Google's new e-mail service

...of storage - up to 500 times more than other leading free services - and provide a quicker, cleaner way to search e-mailboxes. Most e-mail messages opened on Gmail won't even contain ads, according to Google. Nevertheless, critics say...
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Google entering free e-mail fray, but letters will lead to advertising

...Gmail also will enable its users to type a keyword into a built-in search box to find information contained in their e-mailboxes within a matter of seconds. For now, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google is only opening up the service to invited...
Type A or typo? E-mail writers delete the rules of spelling

...and finds herself scurrying to answer more than 30 e-mails a day. By the end of last year, there were 335 million e-mailboxes -- more than one per person -- in the United States, according to the trade publication Messaging Online. That...
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