DVD player sales outpacing VCRs

...Redwood City man invested $170 in a DVD player, and he already owns 25 DVD movies...store. Americans are making the DVD player "the fastest growing consumer electronic...The closest product to rival the DVD player's steep adoption rate would be...

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7 solutions for too many remotes

...numerous in many homes that keeping track of them is a challenge all its own.There are often separate remotes for the TV, DVD player, cable box and sound system. And if you've got a more sophisticated set-up, or have retained your old VCR machine...

Man attempts to escape Richmond County jail with broken pants zipper

...suspect, Tony Maurice Walker Jr., 29, broke into an apartment on the 2000 block of Rosier Road and stole a television, DVD player and DVD.He was in the interview room for questioning when police observed Walker on surveillance video making attempts...

Review: HD DVD player clunky but offers clear image

...The Toshiba - the first high-def DVD player to hit the market - is a beast...heavy as my trusty Panasonic 5-disc DVD player. And right off the bat, it had...access option. Still, Toshiba's HD DVD player needs some fine-tuning. It's...

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DVD player for pirates' favorite format

...NEW YORK -- It's sure to draw the attention of movie pirates, and I don't mean the kind played by Errol Flynn: a DVD player that also supports the most popular format for movies swapped on the Web. The appeal of downloaded movies has been limited...

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DVDs not always compatible with players

...standard. It is only required by the DVD player manufacturers, not the DVD movie...regional code is compatible with your DVD player. The manufacturer of the player...that is not compatible with your DVD player. If that happens, the DVD will...

DVD players unveiled in a variety of formats

...recorded sound could be heard on a $400 DVD player. In one exhibit room, Acarian Systems...mass-market CD player but a mass-market DVD player, the Pioneer DV-414, which commonly...right software, the $400 Pioneer DVD player can match the most absurdly sophisticated...

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Players that filter movies soon to hit stores

...The Patriot" have a new option - a DVD player from RCA that filters content deemed...of control," Arland said. The DVD player carries a suggested retail price...burned onto a CD for transfer to the DVD player. ClearPlay's library currently...

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Biz bites

...THE VCR STAR Eighty-one percent of households own a DVD player, while just over 79 percent have a VCR, according to...households owned a VCR, while less than 7 percent owned a DVD player. "This study shows the culmination of a long battle...

DVDS are probably in your future

...Entertainment would like to pull you - your DVD player and $74.95 plus tax - back in...Of course, you need to have your DVD player hooked up to your stereo speakers...Some consumers, in fact, use their DVD player as a CD player to listen to music...

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