DSL modems deliver the Web at lightning speed

...modem was like watch paint dry. But cable modems and DSL modems were supposed to be complicated, expensive...right? Wrong so far, one day into a self-installed DSL service from Verizon. DSL means digital subscriber line, sometimes called ADSL...

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Federal judge dismisses customer DSL suit against BellSouth

...requiring customers seeking high-speed DSL lines to buy its local phone service. U...in February 2003 in Miami by BellSouth-DSL customer Richard Levine. It sought to band...monopoly. Under state regulations, existing DSL customers can switch to a different local...

Agency looks at DSL service

...Atlanta on Monday to examine BellSouth's DSL policies. Critics call the practice uncompetitive...network to allow customers to purchase the DSL alone would be an expensive burden to meet...Our experience is that stand alone (DSL service) doesn't sell well. Consumers...

FCC allows DSL, phone rule

...have tried to make BellSouth untether its DSL, or digital subscriber line, allowing...should be allowed access to BellSouth's DSL service - a decision appealed by BellSouth...calls also found themselves blocked from the DSL service. BellSouth has argued that the...

Report: Cable broadband prices jump, while DSL declines

...Cable-modem service was, on average, 75.8 percent more expensive than DSL during the month, up from a 53.3 percent gap in July. While phone carriers cut prices - the average DSL price decreased by 9.2 percent - cable companies raised them. Leading...

Options in broadband getting broader

The choice used to be DSL or cable modem. But now high-speed Internet...and SBC are offering a cheaper version of DSL - with speeds of up to 384 kilobits per...said. Dave Burstein, publisher of the DSL Prime newsletter, grumbles that most U...

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KMC has high-speed Web

...started offering high-speed Internet service to compete against DSL providers. Calling its product Dedicated Internet Access, KMC...connection with a constant speed that is "always on." "With DSL and dial-up, speed is a function of how many users are sharing...

Computer 'firewall' may be needed

Q: I am getting kind of jumpy about security with my new DSL connection. A: During the disco decade, computer users would...electing to tap into the Internet with digital subscriber lines, or DSL. Much as it was the 1970s, you are always on. The bad news...

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Alliance will speed Internet connection for AOL members

...connections, called digital subscriber line, or DSL, service. Bell Atlantic, the nation's largest local phone company, plans to make DSL service available to 7.5 million homes...month. AOL customers who sign up for the DSL option would use Bell Atlantic's specially...

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Small-town utilities filling technology gap

...some type of broadband Internet service - wireless, cable, DSL or signals over electrical lines - through municipal utility...128 provide broadband connections, 76 provide cable-modem DSL, and 39 offer wireless networking. Georgia already has at least...