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Drug aimed at saving AIDS patients' eyesight

WASHINGTON -- Scientific advisers are recommending approval of a new genetic drug therapy to help save AIDS patients' eyesight. Isis Pharmaceuticals' Vitravene is the first "antisense" drug to be reviewed by the...
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Georgia Regents University research targets most difficult breast cancer

...tumor-specific and have since been able to narrow that to 45 candidates that could point the way toward a genetic target for drug therapy, Hawthorn said. The problem is choosing the right ones to focus on, she said."The sequencing part is really easy...
Ga. bill would nudge HIV patients into treatment

...program.HIV patients in treatment typically would have their viral load tested twice in 14 months.Patients taking the drug therapy not only see their health improve, and also are much less likely to transmit the disease.O'Neal said people drop...
Lincolnton couple hoping to renew vows facing mounting challenges

...leg's giving out now," he said. He was hospitalized a month ago for seizures, then seemed to recover with new drug therapy and even danced at his sister's wedding last weekend."And Eli hates dancing," Cheryl said.Then early Monday...
Lab tests show new drug therapy may counter transplant rejection

WASHINGTON -- Immune cells that spring into action to defend the body are weakened by a new combination of drugs used in laboratory tests on mice. Many of the cells commit a form of programed suicide.
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Disease is no obstacle for woman

...prayed to die." But thanks to drug therapy and riding, Kimball continued...multiple sclerosis. The first drug therapy came on the market in 1993, said...the study, and by implementing drug therapy, her condition improved more...
Drug plan poison

...ways to soften the blow to seniors' pocketbooks for drug therapy, developed a plan proposed by a majority on the Medicare...would direct billions away from research, and lower drug therapy quality, in order to comply with regulations, controls...
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NIH funding vital to MCG mission

...The drug appears to be a powerful adjunct treatment for a clot-buster protein known as tPA, the only FDA-approved drug therapy for strokes. Animal studies have shown the drug reduces stroke damage by up to 40 percent, but studies with volunteers...
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Experts: Medicine advancing

...their best guesses about what we can expect in the next 25 or 30 years: Heart disease: "We will have much better drug therapy for various forms of heart disease. Heart failure will be more easily treated -- and perhaps prevented -- by rapid...
Bioengineered mice resistant to certain breast cancers

...The bioengineered mice lack that protein, which some tumors need to grow. Though it could take years to develop a drug therapy targeting the protein, the findings are dramatic proof that certain breast cancers can occur only when the protein...
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