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Tiny fish could speed up drug development

...could lead to big - and faster - breakthroughs in drug development, according to research at Georgia Health Sciences...alone" would be useful and provide cost-savings in drug development, Mumm said. It could also allow tinkering around...
Gene discovery holds promise for heart disease treatment

...unclear. Even if the precise mechanism of APOC3 is not certain at this time, the gene will be an exciting target for drug development because of the large associated reduction in heart disease.Genetic analyses have the promise to discover new medications...
Technologies decrease rate of animal testing; locals still upset with GRU

...translatable to humans, according to a 2011 workshop report by Zurlo on the subject. They are used primarily in drug development and pesticide testing, and the Environmental Protection Agency still requires pesticides be tested in one rodent...
'Homegrown' research at GRU gets award grant of $375,000

...of kids first. This researcher is a pediatric oncologist so he has kids first in mind, which we really like."Drug development for childhood cancer is more difficult because there are much fewer cases to treat - it accounts for less than 1...
Cancer drug development sparks hope

As he leaves the laboratory to walk down the long hallway toward his office for an update on a patient with a dangerous brain tumor, neurosurgeon and researcher James Fick is traveling the difficult path of getting breakthroughs in cancer research to patients. With whirlwind announcements in the past few weeks of a number of promising cancers treatments sprung from the lab, that could be changing, though not soon, said Dr. Fick, of Medical College of Georgia.
'Virtual patients' to speed drug development

WASHINGTON -- Bill and Allen both have asthma, but scientists ran into a problem when testing a highly touted experimental drug on them: The drug flunked. It didn't help Allen breathe better, and Bill had a weird reaction that called into question the drug's entire foundation.
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Job cuts highlight industry pressure

...The reasons are many: increased generic competition, pressures from health insurers to lower prices, rising drug development and marketing costs, fewer new blockbuster medicines and worries about possible governmental price controls. The...
New Parkinson's drugs, approaches on the way

...better ways of identifying subtypes of the disease and finding animal models that better mimic them to spur future drug development.Dr. Kapil Sethi, a professor of neurology and the director of the Movement Disorders Program at Georgia Regents...
Scientists say brain enzyme appears to regulate appetite and weight

...said the work identifies a new leptin signaling pathway and a promising new target in humans. "It will affect drug development and approaches for new preventions and treatments," Kahn said. The study appears Wednesday in an online version...
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Software firm cites transition after sale

...physicians. The publicly traded inVentiv works with the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies. It assists with drug development, sales and marketing for 200 clients in the pharmaceutical or life sciences industries. Regarding the merger...