As fight over Keystone XL drags on, oil industry vastly expands its pipeline network

While the Keystone project awaits a final decision, scenes like these are unfolding almost every week in lesser-known developments that have quietly added more than 11,600 miles of pipeline to the nation's domestic oil network.

Headlight violations difficult to enforce, officers say

...directions."Moore said that while the newer lights run on less wattage, ultimately saving fuel since there is less drag on the alternator, the lights are twice as bright. If motorists forget to aim the headlights down, they might be the next...

International Monetary Fund cuts growth forecasts, citing sluggish EU, Japan

...this year in emerging markets such as China before rebounding to expand 6.1 percent in 2016.- Weaker oil prices will drag on inflation, with consumer prices rising only 1.0 percent in the advanced economies and 5.7 percent in emerging markets...

High dollar dents company earnings

...the picture will likely get uglier as companies report earnings for the final three months of 2014."It's clearly a drag on corporate profits," said David Kelly, the chief market strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds.A few months ago, Kelly...

Target sees higher profit in third quarter

...fashions and home decor.Cornell must also salvage Target's botched entry into Canada in 2013, which has been a big drag on profits.Target is still playing catch-up, particularly with Amazon.com, and has rolled out a service that allows...

US trade deficit expands in September

...deficit will rise slightly in 2014, as a stronger U.S. economy is drawing in more imports.The trade deficit is a drag on overall growth. That's because U.S. producers are selling less abroad compared to foreign companies, while imports...

US stocks surge to biggest gain of the year as Fed signals no rush to raise interest rates

...show the U.S. economy continuing to expand. Investors have become concerned that Europe's weakness will eventually drag on the U.S. too."I think the U.S. economy could be protected from Europe for a quarter or two, but will start hurting...

US trade deficit drops to $40.1 billion in August

...than the same period in 2013. A larger deficit acts as a drag on the economy because it means more money going to foreign...imports. They are forecasting the deficit will be a modest drag on overall growth.The decline in the deficit in 2013 reflected...

Ford profit falls in third quarter on truck costs

...aluminum-sided F-150 will be a lot lighter and more efficient when it goes on sale later this year. But for now it's a serious drag on profits.Ford's net income dropped 34 percent to $835 million in the third quarter, largely due to the cost of launching...

US economy grew at 3.5 percent rate in third quarter

...the appreciation in the U.S. dollar and slow growth in Europe and Asia are likely to once again make trade a net-drag on American economic growth," said James Marple, senior economist at TD Bank Group.For the third quarter, consumer spending...