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Study: Blood pressure drug raises the risk of birth defects

...available on most new drugs when they receive government approval. The FDA acknowledged it was imperfect system. Dr. Robert Temple, the agency's associate director for medical policy, said the government is trying to improve its detection of...
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New Alzheimer's treatment approved

...FDA said. "Who knows, maybe if they actually did the work they could show some advantage," said FDA drug chief Dr. Robert Temple. Still, having another option is important, said Bill Thies, Alzheimer's Association vice president. "We...
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New blood pressure drug pulled from market worldwide

...powerful liver inhibitor, allowing other medicines to accumulate in the body to dangerous levels, said FDA's Dr. Robert Temple. Roche established a hot line -- 1-800-205-4611, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT -- to answer physician...
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Lou Gehrig's patients take to streets in push for drug

...horrible disease, don't want to reach out and hug the people and do something about it, they're wrong," said Dr. Robert Temple, the FDA drug chief who will decide - by Nov. 11 - if Myotrophin provides enough evidence of possible benefit to...
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Company pulls its heart drug

...Dr. Mensah said. "Lots of drugs do this a little," but Posicor "is an extremely powerful inhibitor," said Dr. Robert Temple of the FDA. Posicor, known chemically as mibefradil, was controversial from the start. Calcium-channel blockers...
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