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Dow offers implant settlement

DETROIT - Dow Corning Corp. on Monday offered to settle breast implant legal claims for up to $2.4 billion as part of a $3.7 billion plan to get out...
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Dow Corning emerges from bankruptcy

MIDLAND, Mich. -- Dow Corning Corp. emerged Tuesday after nearly a decade of bankruptcy...isn't planning to make implants again. On the Net: Dow Corning Corp.:
Dow Corning agrees to pay $3.2 billion to settle breast implant claims

DETROIT -- A federal bankruptcy judge today accepted a plan in which Dow Corning Corp. would pay $3.2 billion to settle claims by at least 170,000 women with silicone breast implants. The settlement -- announced...
Voting period begins on breast implant settlement

...implants have 60 days to decide whether a proposed settlement is enough to end a decade of bitter legal fighting. Dow Corning Corp. announced Monday it would spend $12 million to inform women about the $3.2 billion settlement plan and answer...
Business briefs and On the Move the United States to have a claim on file in the Dow Corning Corp. bankruptcy is Jan. 15, company officials said...package should call (800) 997-1700 or write to: Dow Corning Corp. Chapter 11 Claims Administration Facility, P.O...
Jury rules against Dow in breast implant case

...offered opinions on its safety. It also maintained that Dow Corning Corp., once a leading implant maker, was responsible for testing. Dow Chemical owns half of Dow Corning Corp. Lorna Propes, the attorney for Dow, said in her...
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Business briefs

...once-class-action suit into various phases in 1997. The case once involved 1,800 women claiming damage from Dow Corning Corp., which manufactured breast implants. Dow Corning filed for bankruptcy reorganization in 1995. Dow Chemical is...
This day in history: July 8

...a two-week mission. 1998: A federal bankruptcy judge tentatively approved a settlement under which an estimated 170,000 women who said silicone breast implants had made them sick would get $3.2 billion dollars from Dow Corning Corp.
Court-appointed panel finds no definite link between implants, diseases

...cause disease," said Doug Schoettinger, a lawyer for Dow Corning Corp., once the largest implant maker. But Suzanne Turner...a significant role for thousands of women who sued Dow Corning Corp. Under a proposed $3.2 billion settlement announced...
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FDA to reconsider allowing silicone-gel breast implants in U.S.

...pain and other local complications occurred frequently. Also, a judge approved a $3.2 billion settlement with Dow Corning Corp. to compensate women who had sued, claiming ill effects from silicone gel implants. 2000: The FDA re-evaluated...
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