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Rants and raves

...I'm a senior lady, but then I voted for Bush, and that was one dire mistake. The next time I vote I will vote as Douglas Neal Sr. says. I will vote for Lieberman. I believe he's the only person that will be running that's got a good head...
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Global warming must be curbed now

...increases), may more rapidly result in an even sooner earthly demise. Let us not put our faith in any political representation, at any governing level, unless they jump on the bandwagon for action to curb global warming. Douglas Neal Sr. Augusta
Club has right to select members

Regarding Douglas Neal Sr.'s Sept. 12 letter, "NCWO would reduce men to servants": I can't believe his ignorance in grasping the current conflict...
Letters | Augusta National Golf Club
Make Copenhaver mayor

...horns; initiate prosperous improvement ideas; work diligently by every means available to correct local government inequities that have caused so much dissent; and make all of us proud to be residents of Augusta. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta
Letters | Deke Copenhaver
Complains headline misleads readers

Having read the letters by Anthony Meeds on Oct. 5 ("End of world does not go by our calendar") and Douglas Neal Sr. on Oct. 14 ("Earth will turn even after we've gone) in reply to my letter on Sept. 18, "The end of the...
Don't blame Bush for gas prices

...started drilling then, we could presently be completely independent of foreign oil. And yet, there are still thousands, maybe even millions, who totally blame the president, for our present-day gasoline problem. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta
Profiling is valid safety measure

...conditions as they are today, though, and given the culture of the attackers, profiling is not a violation of our civil rights. It is a measure to protect the safety, security and civil rights of all American citizens. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta
Send government a message: 'No'

...the ball rolling by just saying "no" if they truly are dissatisfied with our local political problem. If they cannot be voted out, and are in it for the long haul, it's the only nonviolent solution available. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta
Endorses U.S. control of borders

...difficult to become an American citizen and our nation must reserve the right to choose who merits that privilege. Otherwise, we may as well throw the front door wide open to anyone who wants to enter, even terrorists. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta
Skin color dominates local politics lead us, we have merely skimmed the surface of future, unnecessary taxation. In layman's terms, "weed out the worms" or "dish out the dough." Then we will save tax dollars and prosper equally together. Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta