Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos meet in rubber match at UFC 166

...heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will meet for the final fight in...outcome, Velasquez said he won't fight Dos Santos again ? at least not anytime soon...said.Velasquez reclaimed the belt from Dos Santos with a decisive unanimous decision...

MS-DOS goes back in time

...The most common operating system was MS-DOS, the foundation stone of the mighty Microsoft...and telecommunications software written for DOS machines -- WordPerfect 5.1 and PCAnywhere. We think of DOS as dead and gone, but it turns out that...

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UCI chief: Doping still endemic in cycling

...was banned for four years in 2013.However, clean riders today have a chance of being competitive, Cookson said.The micro doses of doping products now used, the report said, boost performance by just "3-5 percent gains, instead of 10-15 percent...

Greenbrier's Marchman delivers knockout blow against Westside

...Georgia signee, threw 41/3 scoreless innings on one hit, walking four and striking out nine. The big left-hander used heavy doses of a big curveball to induce whiffs.Sandlin, a Southern Mississippi signee, gave up one run on a hit and two walks in 22...

Smaller doses of flu vaccine seem to work

...giving flu vaccine in a novel way can stretch doses and protect more people, but it didn't work...experts say. Scientists tested giving smaller doses of vaccine into the skin instead of full doses given as traditional shots into a muscle. Young...

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Large doses of vitamin E can be harmful

CHICAGO - Large doses of vitamin E - widely touted as an elixir...heart failure, but she theorized that high doses might disturb the balance of beneficial...November found that people taking high doses were 10 percent more likely to die of any...

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High doses of cholesterol drugs can be helpful

ORLANDO, Fla. - Taking very high doses of a drug to push cholesterol to very...or adding other drugs to conventional doses of statins need to be compared. More evidence also is needed on using high doses of statins, he wrote. Smith said two...

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Flu shot restrictions may cause doses to go to waste

...are now worried that tens of thousands of doses could go to waste, and they are considering...high-risk patients and still has 3,000 doses left over. Health officials in California...Liverpool, England. Only about 65 million doses of vaccine will be available this season...

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Get more vitamins from food, but beware huge doses

...diets than currently recommended, huge doses of these vitamins and other antioxidants...disease. Many people routinely take high doses of vitamin C and other antioxidants in...evidence exists to support claims that massive doses of antioxidants can improve health, said...

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Large doses of chemo drug may help people with advanced MS

...PHILADELPHIA -- Doctors report promising results using huge doses of a potent chemotherapy drug to treat autoimmune diseases including...declared. The drug, cyclophosphamide, is given at such high doses that it destroys most or all of a patient's disease-fighting...

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