Obama trumpets $600 million in grants to spur job training, says US must keep up in skills race

...where students in a job-training program demonstrated various mechanical systems, including one that opens and closes garage doors."Any employer is going to be lucky to have you guys," Obama said."Our first priority should be reforming our current...

Deputies deserve thanks

...and dispatched deputies to her home. When they arrived, the door was locked, there was no response and they could not see in...see they had an emergency and made their entry through a back door.This set off an alarm and sent a call to my home. An ambulance...

What Is It?

...Schnuck wrote: "The 1934 DeSoto Airflow. Promoted by Chrysler as a 'futuristic' aerodynamic model (two-door coupes and four-door sedans) but never quite caught on, produced in model years 1934-36."A shorter wheelbase than the Chrysler...

Bulbs, yes, but no food for deer

...white, violet, or deep blue flowers.The world of small bulbsOnce you segue over into the world of small bulbs, you open the door to a slew of flowers that both naturalize and are passed over by hungry deer. Some are also the first harbingers of spring...

Shopgirl: Clean lines, natural style for spring

...Road to get all the details on local day camps and activities for kids during the summer months.It's free, and you can win door prizes. The expo starts at 10 a.m. and all ages are welcome. WHAT'S NEWI'm sure you exercise restraint and caution when...

Swan Racing owner Brandon Davis having trouble keeping team up and running

...platform because you can be creative with the way you bring money into your team and work partnerships. The structure opens the door for entrepreneurs to come in and use this platform for different kinds of marketing opportunities, and this is one of them...

Forensic expert takes stand in Oscar Pistorius' muder trial

...Reeva Steenkamp by mistake through a toilet door in his home, thinking she was a dangerous...while she was standing close to the toilet door. Raising his right arm in the courtroom...arm extended and maybe her hand on the door handle, as if she was about to open the...

Music by Turner: Rain can't stop first Major Rager

...concert, Claussen and company wisely moved the show right next door to the Augusta Convention Center."Greg DeSandy and Haley Miller...year's Major Rager, we can always just move our show next door if the weather's bad. It's the best possible setup!"

Car shop to hold clinic for women

...asks that participants make reservations for the event so that they can accommodate each person by providing enough lunch and door prizes.For more information or to reserve a spot at the clinic, go to www.waynesautomotivecenter.com. Wayne's is at...

Cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius ends

...before dawn on Feb. 14, 2013.The Paralympic champion, 27, says he shot the 29-year-old model through a closed toilet door after mistaking her for an intruder, but Nel catalogued what he said were conflicts in Pistorius' story that prove he made...