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Donald Rumsfeld wins 'foot in mouth' prize

LONDON -- He may not know it - or know that he knows it - but Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has won this year's "Foot in Mouth" award for the most baffling statement by a public figure. Britain's Plain English Campaign...
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Why are we in trouble?

...Now my reason: When President George W. Bush, with the help of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, waged a war, invading the sovereign country Iraq, they went against all the teachings of the Prince of Peace...
Bully boys thin out in Washington

...One bully boy down, one to go. Looking sheepish and humiliated beside the president Wednesday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had little to say. And why should he? He had just been sacked. President Bush, apparently the last man in America...
This just in!

...that the U.S. military plan has "failed." The chattering class in the media is comparing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to predecessor Robert McNamara, who made such a mess of the Vietnam War. And if all you read is USA Today headlines...
Where have all those backyard interlopers gone?

Look for what's missing ... Few are able to see what isn't there. -- Donald Rumsfeld I'm really starting to miss the squirrels.For years I've complained of the backyard interlopers that steal bird food and...
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Ft. Gordon a welcome change for commander

...there's a set of photographs showing Fort Gordon's chain of command. President Bush is there. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is there. The brigadier general's four- and three-star bosses are there, too. But where Brig. Gen. Strong's...
A shot across Iran's bow

...across their bow delivered earlier this week by the United States and Israel. In a news briefing, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rejected the notion that the United States was too bogged down in Iraq to take military action if a crisis developed...
Pro-terrorist states

...are inspiring and financing a culture of political murder and suicide bombings ..." - U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on evidence that Iran and Syria are funneling arms to Palestinian terrorists and that to encourage suicide bombings...
Punish general, fire Rumsfeld

...for Spec. Charles Graner, but for the dishonorable discharge of Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the rest of his subordinates who gave the orders and the long overdue firing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Joaquin Godoy, Aiken, S.C.
Bush has little command of reality

...mandate Bush claims he received with 51 percent of the vote holds up. This "death day," along with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's callous response to a soldier that we go to war with what we have in terms of armament, has to be considered...