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Lawsuit filed over Augusta State Medical Prison inmate's death

...28, 2013.The defendants are Dr. Mitzi M. Albright, prison mental health counselor Jowanda Fishmon, and guard Donald Porter. Albright works for a private contractor that provides medical services at state prisons. Fishmon and Porter are...
Donald Porter: Defends use of inmates for work at C.T. Walker Elementary School

SINCE THE publication of the Sept. 22 front-page article ``Inmates work near children at school'' by Chronicle reporter Faith Johnson, many concerned parents have called the school board. Frankly, if I were a parent reading the article without knowing the facts, I would be upset too. I would like to outline a number of truths that Ms. Johnson never let get in the way of her sensationalized story.
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Larke worried?

...superintendent in 1996. He has enjoyed relatively good media relations -- until recently. Yet, after the volatile Donald Porter was picked as the system's "media liaison," Larke's public relations have been abysmal. Maybe Al Gore will...
School savvy

...want to be more open and honest with the public. And they are paying $47,500 a year to do it. Starting today, Donald Porter will take over as director of public information. "The one thing we guarantee is we will be answering any and all...
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Area briefs

...seniors poured flour into wax paper and threw the items as projectiles on freshmen during a morning pep rally, said Donald Porter, public relations director. Mr. Porter said that the seniors were targeting freshmen but that a couple of teachers...
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Schools utilize inmates employees? Citizens asked that question at a recent meeting. "It frees them up to do other things," said Donald Porter, Director of Public Information. "Instead of us having to hire more full-time maintenance workers we're able...
Bus incident causes review of rules

...School tagged Christian Anderson a "walker" Tuesday after the kindergartner misplaced his bus identification tag. Donald Porter, director of public information for the school system, said the teacher was out of the classroom and Christian identified...
Inmates around pupils at school

...fence while children at C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet Elementary School played a few feet away. Schools spokesman Donald Porter did not respond to questions about the apparent contradiction and said Superintendent Charles Larke is out of town...
New uniform policy creating confusion

...week; another school told her to talk to the principal. Actually, no official waiver form will be issued, said Donald Porter, Public Information Officer for the Richmond County Board of Education. But parents shouldn't worry that their...
Adults stumped by slang challenge

...list of '90s slang using the word in a sentence. Here are some of the results, followed by the real thing: ---Donald Porter, public information director, Richmond County Board of Education. BUSTA SQUARE: To move in a hurry. "When the...
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