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Bill not about health; it's about power

...Big Oil -- and, as we see, they got what they paid for. H.R. 3962 is not about health-care reform. It is about money and increasing the size of government for those who enjoy the benefits of political power. Donald L. Davis Evans
Wants account of congressional votes

...Paul Coverdell, R-Ga., and Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga. Since your readers often don't know how they voted on a particular bill, it would be a great service to inform us with each such editorial. ... Donald L. Davis, Evans
Laments `seduction' of Sen. McCain

...pilot, he resisted North Vietnamese interrogators for seven years. It is very sad to see that the Washington politicians finally cornered him in the Senate cloak room and implanted one of those things in his head. Donald L. Davis, Evans
Rebuts federal speed, price caps call

...their price. In the long run, electricity is the only alternative to powering a vehicle and nuclear power is the only viable way to produce it cleanly, economically and efficiently. But that is another story. Donald L. Davis, Evans, Ga.
Opinion columns
Slams Clinton's NRA criticism

...includes moving us farther toward a socialist police state in which the unarmed citizen is at the complete mercy of the armed criminal and is therefore totally dependent on the protection of an all-powerful government. Donald L. Davis, Evans
Fears dog will defeat the sheriff

...officer more latitude. I know I would have. It is unfortunate the deputy has put our very able and well qualified sheriff in this situation. Because now, it almost appears that we are one dog away from a new sheriff. Donald L. Davis, Evans
Rejects rationale for rethinking CPI

...well-fed. The whole problem of inflation could be assumed away. If this type of fuzzy economic thinking is typical of those who wish to change the way the CPI is calculated, I think we have heard enough from them. Donald L. Davis, Evans
Don't elect Michelle Nunn

Those who have not already voted have a choice for the U.S. Senate. One choice is David Perdue.
Time to repeal Obamacare

No fixes can ever make work this thing that was conceived in corruption, lies and deceit.
Benghazi cover-up continues

At least no one was killed in Watergate, but with Benghazi the stakes are much higher.